How does your culture Influence Your Fashion and Beauty?


What makes a beautiful woman is dependent on the fashion of a region, the choices of the people of that country and other factors. The women of a region in Burma think that having long necks is a fashionable thing and therefore wear long brass rings to make their neck long like a giraffe and therefore increase the beauty and desirability of their daughters. What is grotesque in our eyes becomes beautiful in theirs. Modern western ideas about fashion also regulate appearances to a great extent and women go to extraordinary lengths to make themselves look fashionable and beautiful.

How does your culture Influence Your Fashion and Beauty?

Owning a scale, stepping on it regularly to keep track of your weight and obsessing about weight gain, eating only low fat or processed food so that you can maintain the idea that you are not gaining weight inadvertently, keeping diet books on you shelf – one or several, subscribing to fashion health and lifestyle magazines such as Shape, Self or Glamour are all signs of being obsessed with your looks and a sign of being a slave to current norms about fashion and good looks.

Looks Obsession

Obsession about looks can also take them form of buying a collecting exercise books and DVD s and perusing them regularly and trying to follow their instructions to the letter, looking at yourself in the mirror regularly to watch imagined or perceived increase of the curves in your body, owing beauty products like lipstick or large amounts of makeup all are signs of being a slave to current traits about fashion that are fickle and change regularly, leaving you desolate and forced to buy new stuff to conform to the new trends.

Wardrobe Choice

Your wardrobe choice is also a major clue to your ideas about fashion. Having special “fat” or “skinny” clothes, judging your friends as fat or skinny on basis of their appearance, looking at people only according to their body weight and curved nature, cringing away from people who are overweight, making sure you watch how much you eat at social gatherings, obsessing about weight so much that you force yourself to throw up if you think you have eaten too much are all signs of being obsessed about weight and culture consciousness.

Food Habits

Looking at restaurant menus to make sure you have only the lowest calorie foods, long carefully at your reflection in store windows, skipping meals and filling your stomach with low calorie shakes and fruit juices, hunger stopping pills, plastic surgery for look augmentation, plastic surgery to make yourself look good, gym membership to make yourself look curvy and youthful are all signs of being too culture conscious about looks.


There is nothing wrong with wanting to look good but obsessing about looks and depriving yourself of the simplest pleasures of life just so you can conform to the dictates of some fashion magazine is a ridiculous idea and you should be well aware of the harmful effects of such habits. Ideas about beauty change frequently. Torturing your body to fit the most ridiculous shapes because a magazine says so is a very foolish thing to do.


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