Another year is about to start and a lot of us are preparing our New Year’s Resolution. Perhaps one of the most common goals people focus on is losing weight. We have to admit, a lot of us really do need to start working out.

Sadly, not a lot of those who aimed to lose weight would be successful. A lot would have given up early, some after a while. Some would even say that they starved themselves already or have spent most of their time exercising but see not much result.

There are lots of different methods one can employ in order to lose weight. Some would have visible results fast, while some a little slower. And to help you accomplish this item on your New Year’s Resolution, we would like to share one activity that just might be the answer: Muay Thai. 

What is Muay Thai?

Muay Thai is also called Thai Boxing. It’s a close-combat sport that is also Thailand’s national sport. Muay Thai is also called the Art of Eight Limbs as it involves punches via fists, kicks via shins, and strikes via elbows and via knees.

Muay Thai fighters earn much respect as the sport traditionally involves 4 hours of daily training, and having to do runs early in the morning. The dedication required to train for Muay Thai truly is deserving of admiration.

Why is Muay Thai best for weight loss?

Aside from providing you with a way to defend yourself, Muay Thai is also proven to help you lose weight. Here are the ways how Muay Thai can help you lose weight fast:

Cardio Activity helps you burn calories       

Muay Thai can give you serious cardio activity. Aside from the warm-up runs, Muay Thai would require a fighter to constantly be in motion, and continuously do punches, kicks, and strikes round per round. This much activity over a period of time would surely help you burn a lot of calories.

Build strength for maximum muscle gain

When you train, you burn fat and you build muscles. Muscles burn more calories than body fat can. That is the more you do muscle gain training, you also lose a lot more calories, and eventually, more fat.

This is the reason why workouts don’t just revolve around running on a treadmill. Sure, cardio would burn calories but that alone won’t be enough. You would really need to engage in weight training if you truly want to lose weight. Relying on cardio would definitely slow down your progress to the point that you would feel that you are not losing enough weight.

While doing Muay Thai, your strikes, your kicks, and your punches would tense your muscles for maximum impact. This has the same benefit of lifting weights. Doing this routinely can surely help you build your strength and lose fat.

How Muay Thai Can Help You Lose Weight FastHigh-Intensity Interval Training

If you have been looking for ways to lose have, you would surely have come across high-intensity interval training or HIIT. The usual HIIT involves a short period of an intense workout, followed by a less intense workout, and then followed by running back and forth as fast as you can. This routine requires your body to adapt to varying conditions rapidly. HIIT effectively improves your metabolism. It also helps you burn calories even after your workout.

Muay Thai training involves a steady flow of activities – training your punches, kicks, and strikes, jumping rope, exercising your abs, and a lot more other drills that are there to help condition and strengthen your body. Doing all these drills is a good form of HIIT.

Full Body Workout

Muay Thai will engage your whole body actively. Some martial arts involve mainly the upper body, while some focus on the lower body. But for Muay Thai, you will have to use your fists, your shins, your elbows, and your knees. Using these require full body movements. This is what truly makes Muay Thai the Art of Eight Limbs.

Engaging your whole body is a holistic approach to working out. As you can see in the gym, people would work out using different exercises and equipment that for different areas of the body. Muay Thai, however, continuously engages your entire body for a full body workout that is guaranteed to help you lose weight.

Promotes discipline

Much respect is given to Muay Thai fighters. Training for Muay Thai will require serious discipline and this would hopefully be instilled in your way of life. Being disciplined would help you make better decisions when it comes to eating, drinking, resting, and basically all aspect of your life.

Muay Thai fighters would be required to maintain a fit body. This is to ensure that they can easily do their routines efficiently, and with maximum strength. Surely, Muay Thai would give you the needed discipline to help you lose weight.

Weight loss tips for Muay Thai workouts

Muay Thai can undeniably help you lose weight, and fast at that. To help you further enhance your weight loss journey through Muay Thai, here are some tips from us: 

  1. Be mindful of what and how much you eat. Discipline is key, they always say. So as you do Muay Thai, don’t forget that you should be mindful of the things you eat, and how much you eat. A huge chunk of weight loss really depends on your eating habits. 
  1. Don’t forget to do your cardio. We mentioned that Muay Thai in itself is a cardio activity. This, however, doesn’t mean that you should not do any other cardio activity. Again, traditional Muay Thai fighters have to do early morning runs, and that is with Thailand’s warm climate. 
  1. Don’t take weight training for granted. To help give you stronger punches, kicks, and strikes, make sure to do weight training. Always remember that weight training is needed to help you really lose weight. Do cardio and weight training!
  1. Be serious with your Muay Thai. You may not be looking at becoming a professional Muay Thai fighter, but still, give it your best. Muay Thai can really help you lose weight so do your best with your Muay Thai training. Besides, you would also learn how to defend yourself so that’s hitting two birds with one stone right?