How to apply powder foundation covering wrinkles


If you’ve turned 30, 40 and facial wrinkles appeared, the “weapon” make-up “camouflage” the most important is the cream liner, cream concealer and foundation.

How to apply powder foundation covering wrinkles

To mask the signs of age, you follow the steps below:

Before the makeup, you should use a moisturizer for your face. Because if your skin is dry or dehydrated, your face will become lifeless, less fresh and more so that wrinkles will appear more clearly.

Apply cream liner that  foundation layer to not eat the skin, making the step-up lacuna effectively.

Using the pen lacuna is applied on wrinkles around the eyes and spread evenly.

Select the foundation: The first thing to note is the foundation you are using a case or not. Please choose the type of non-oily and foundation cream form to highlight the natural surface of your skin. Foundation powder or cake will not be effective. The next important thing is that you should choose foundation color matches the skin tone. Choose cream-colored background close to your skin the most, if not the  background that will make you look unnatural. Too dark foundation over your skin will make your face becomes dull. Choose foundation color lighter than your real your skin layer will light and make your face becomes more radiant and fresh.How to apply powder foundation covering wrinkles

Powder foundation to position the cheekbones, nose, chin and forehead. Using finger pressure are spread throughout face and neck. Please note the wrinkles extending from nose to mouth, do not think that powder foundation that can cover up the wrinkles, because the foundation layer in the region as much as it will make wrinkles more and more evident. It is best to powder foundation around the wrinkles and gently mixed with the remaining area.

As for eye makeup, the avoidance of eye shadow you for the laugh will make more wrinkle. Best way use eyeliner pen or eye water to shape your eyes, but only in the upper eyelid.

Thickening mascara to upper eyelids and lower eyelids should not brush because it will make visible the wrinkles under the eyes.

Select the eyeliner pencil suit with color hair and gentle line, avoid line the dark eyebrows


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