How to care for women’s gynecology?


Use personal problems when using public toilets, swimming pools … the bathroom; should not use antibacterial soap because that will change the pH balance of the vaginal environment.

Ahmed Ismail gynecologist in London, England raised the women remember when caring for “private parts” on Healthista.

How to care for women's gynecology?1. Use separate towels in public places

When using a public toilet, bath pool, spa, sauna …, so personal towel to avoid the risk of spreading bacteria, fungal vaginal inflammation from the surrounding surface.

2. Rinse the vagina, but not with antibacterial soap

If you must go out for several hours, should take the time to wash your vagina with clean water before drying. No need to use antibacterial soap as this will alter the pH balance of the vaginal environment. Besides the harmful bacteria, soap also kills beneficial bacteria always.

3. Avoid wearing synthetic panties

Cotton underwear is better option because it can help keep the genital area dry, ventilated and limiting allergic reactions.

4. Clean sex toys

If using sex toys during sex or masturbation, make sure hands and toys ensures clean. Rinse with warm water and soap to remove harmful bacteria.

5. Pants ventilation

Try to avoid wearing tight trousers, hinders the circulation of air enclosed areas.

6. Medical Consulting regularly even if no sex

If you are single, you still should not ignore routine gynecological examinations to ensure “the girl” still stay healthy.

7. Periodical checks during sexual activity

Activists necessarily sexual health advice to keep the vagina healthy, avoid the risk of sexually transmitted infections. If you are infected, your partner should also examine and treat immediately.

8. Be careful with anal relations

If you want sex anal, have to make sure that would not have sex vaginal shortly thereafter. This can lead to serious problems, including infections from E. coli can be transmitted to the anus and urethra vagina, causing risk of bladder inflammation, endometritis, pelvic inflammatory disease, problems affecting the reproductive .


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