How to Choose a Massage Chair ?


Choosing a Massage Chair is exciting! However with so many to choose from the decision can be difficult. That is why we have compiled an important list of things to consider when choosing a Massage Chair that is right for you.

Massage Chairs do come with a hefty price tag and therefore it is important to remember to choose carefully and choose a Chair that is going to benefit your long term needs. A Massage Chair can be one of the best purchases you ever make-it is a long term investment into your health and well being, and the health and well being of your family. Congratulations for being someone who prioritizes your health! Now sit down with a pen and paper and write down your answers to some of these simple questions. This is your first step to finding out which Massage chair is right for you.

How to Choose a Massage Chair 1. Know yourself and what it is you want from your Massage Chair

What types of massage do you enjoy? Rolling, tapping, kneading, shiatsu, acupressure. Strong or gentle. Full body, or a specific area i.e. lower back focused, or just legs and thigh.

Do you like your massage lying down or sitting up? Some chairs lie down completely, whereas others recline slightly.

Who is going to be using the chair? If it is for the whole family it is important to know if the chair adjusts for size and shape.

2. Features of Massage Chairs

Write down a list of all the features you would like from your Massage Chair in the order that you would prioritize them-not all chairs will come with the combination of features that you desire.

3. Which room is the Massage chair going to reside in?

Massage Chairs can be extremely aesthetically pleasing however they do tend to be rather modern looking. It is essential to consider where your new massage chair is going to be and this will help you decide on the look of the chair. Massage Chairs come in whole range of colors and shades. It can help to have in your mind what color and style you would like before shopping around.

4. Boring but Important

Specifications: After deciding where your new chair is going to live you need to know how much room you have. Massage Chairs do have quite a range of sizes and so if you are tight for space then you may want to consider buying a smaller chair. Look carefully at the size specifications because reclining massage chairs will have both an outstretched size and a sat up size. Do you have a narrow doorway? Remember that the chair has to squeeze through any doorways or narrow hallways to get its destination. Take a tape measure around your house and spot any potential size limiting factors. Weight of the chair is also important and finding an area of your house that does not have creaking or uneven floorboards.

Warranties: Check for the warranty of the Massage Chair and the chair will be serviced. Do company which provide a service team that will give in-home service or will you have to deliver the chair to a service centre? When the warranty runs out how much will servicing cost?

5. Try some Massage Chairs out

Find out where is best to try out the chairs that you are in mind. Remember that stores have large overheads and therefore will almost always be more expensive than buying from an online store or distributor. Often smaller distributors will have the perks of the mother company warranties and servicing but they can provide a more personalized service, often being more then happy to take your phone calls and answer any questions you have.

At very cool gadget stores, you will usually find at least one massage chair waiting for it to be tested. Mothers, fathers, kids, or just about anyone will want to take advantage of a free massage. For a lot of people, the new massage chairs even look like Darth Vader’s bathtub. But are they getting the chair? Why would any person wish to set a massage chair when you can go to a masseuse and just enjoy a quality massage chair.

There are some compelling reasons and benefits of chair massage why one would want to avail of it.

Massage chairs provide you the chance to relax in the confines of your home without any distractions. There are a lot of benefits of massage chair and primordial of this would be the privacy provided with a chair massage. There are times that individuals do not feel comfortable heading to a masseuse or do not want to disrobe clothes to a stranger. By getting the chair in one’s home, a person who is not comfortable about public massages would be able to feel more laidback and comfortable and just relish the benefits of chair massage.

The prices of massage chairs are quite steep. They could cost anywhere from a few hundred dollars to more than ten thousand dollars. Without a doubt, the cost is steep. However the cost is a one-time fee. Just mull about the cost of a masseuse in a great spa or massage organization. Each individual massage could cost you near $100. If you get a massage fifteen times a year, you will be shelling out $1,500 a year. A great massage chair could pay for itself in a few years. For as long as the type of massage chair is a good quality chair, you can hope the chair to be up and running for many years.

You can also derive advantage by not worrying or fretting about making appointments to the masseuse. If there are times that you feel immediately that your muscles are tightening or feeling sore or feeling physically stressed, the massage chair is there for direct and outright use. The massage chair does not make you wait until you get bored. Truth to tell, you will realize that a lot of spas are fully booked on peak times.



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