How To Choose Best Perfume For Women?


Perfume is a fragrance created by the mixture of natural oils and solvents. The resulting fragrance is aimed at helping its user to wear a pleasant scent. This art of creating fragrance originated is believed to have originated in France and spread steadily into the whole world. Currently, these items are available globally in an uncountable number of aromas and brands.

Perfume oil is prepared by combining different extracts of the fragrant herbs, whereas solvent mainly is considered to be ethanol or water which is used to dilute the composition. Proverbially, a fragrance is described as a melody which is felt by ear in notes, with the only difference that they are the aroma which is felt by nose. The bottom line is that both have notes which are felt and then processed by the brain.

Generally perfumes is described based on 3 constituent notes. The top note is the compilation of small vapors that evacuate on the initial spray and is felt by the person at once. Then the fragrance changes slightly and the middle note originates which is actually the heart of the aroma. The last is the scent that is felt around the departure of aroma and it is commonly known as the base notes. Base notes bring depth and serenity to the perfume and in this way they are also to be noted while choosing a fragrance. After clear analysis of these notes, one can definitely try on some good perfume as per taste.

How To Choose Best Perfume For Women?When shopping for perfume, make sure you know where you know where you are going to wear it and what fragrance matches your personality. It is important to try several and go for the one that you think smells best on your skin. Lighter fragrances should be worn during the day while stronger ones are best worn at night.

One of the reasons why there are lots of companies bloom because of woman who are terrified with the fragrance that perfume has. Fragrance has been the way to attract people. The fragrance can also capture every person’s heart.

As time goes by, perfumes for women have gone through a lot of evolution and series of intervention. Now that we are on the third generation, the industry has produced a lot of expensive and luxurious perfumes. Perfumes can be classified in terms of scents or types. Perfume can last long depending on the quality of solutions it has.

Choosing perfume is like choosing a friend. Therefore, understanding perfume and using it appropriately not only makes you stand out, but also shows the level of gout in fashion and personality. The perfume world is a very complex world, and even requires the buyer to have some basic scientific knowledge. How to find a perfume bottle with fragrance that fits your taste and personality is a common concern for all women. If you want to know ways on how to choose for the best perfume, here are essential things that you need to consider.


As been said, perfumes are then classified. Also, you can also categorize a perfume by musky, woody, sporty, fresh, floral, natural, fruity, spicy, citrus, and oriental fragrance. Before you decide to buy a one of a kind type of perfume, you need to look at the personality or the preference of a woman. You should be aware of her attitude when it comes to perfumes. This is one of the most important things that you should consider before you buy. Remember that no woman who likes to wear a nasty smelling perfume.

Forms of fragrances

Basically, perfumes are sold in bottles and a lot of attractive containers. It can be in a bottle that has a heart, rectangle, circle, or in a cylindrical shape. There are also perfumes that come in spray, dab-on style, and roll-on style. Apart from this, you can even find perfumes that are in soap, skin products, and other related sources. These sources can provide you stronger and longer stay of perfume in your body.


All perfumes have its desired storage. Do not put your perfume in an extreme temperature. It can disturb the quality of your perfume. However, there are perfumes that are good when stored in a fridge. This can help the perfume stay its durability and fragrance. Ensure that the bottle stands straight. The cap should be tightly sealed so that it will not leak. Do not try to store the perfume for many years. This can diminish the long lasting effect of the perfume.

Note you should go for perfume in the morning, when the spirit of refreshing and olfaction works well. In addition, you can also invite more friends to be able to get the valuable advice from them

Shelf life of perfume may be shorter than manufacturer’s estimate if you preserve perfume improperly. Especially in the days of social networking, many girls like to display perfume in places where there is plenty of light to spoil the shimmering pictures showing off to everyone. However, strong light, especially sunlight, can “cook” your fragrance, causing the perfume to lose its smell or turn the smell. You also should not store fragrances in the bathroom, as this is the place to constantly change the temperature from hot to cold, humidity is also unstable. You should store fragrances in the same way as wine preserves, so be in dark and cool places, such as in the closet. In addition, you should not save the fragrance for too long, but it is best to use it as soon as you buy it, because the longer the fragrance is not as delicate as the original anymore. Take into account the level of use that you choose to buy the appropriate capacity, if rarely used, you should only buy small bottles, or mini perfume

In conclusion, before you choose a perfume, you should consider three essential things: categories, forms of fragrances, and storage. Have the perfume to be assess first for a better result of choosing.



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