How to Choose the Perfect Scissors for Yourself


The most basic tool that you will need after graduating from a beauty school is a pair of scissors. This one pair will either make or break your career as it decides your overall performance as a hairdresser. It is extremely vital to choose the best pair of scissors, a pair that is comfortable, economical and sleek.

Why are High Quality Hair Shears Important?

Scissors are always made for altering hairstyling subtly and creating an impact using little moves. The shears should be discreet and smooth in performance. They should be made with high grade steel quality and manufactured under great engineering techniques.

You should make it a point to purchase your hair shears from a well reputed and recommended manufacturer. Hattori Hanzo Shears is well known for providing the best hair scissors, Japanese shears, thinning and texturising shears etc. If you are starting a new business and cannot afford expensive tools, they offer helpful and easy installment plans.

Good quality shears are important because they prevent damaging the hair and causing troubles like split ends. They are also resistant to chemicals like hair conditioners, hair sprays and other products. The high grade metal resists to corrosion and rusting.

What is the best pair of scissors?

The best pair of hair shears is the one you are most comfortable with. If you purchase the most expensive shears but cannot hold or work them properly, then it is not worth the money. A perfect pair works in synchronization with your fingers and makes sleek movements.

Choose a pair according to your hand preference; i.e. whether you are left or right handed. Most manufacturers these days make separate tools for lefties and rightist. The scissors should be comfortable in your hands.

Keep ergonomics in mind when choosing tools; the scissors should not give you any hand or bone injury while working. Constant pain and aching can cause a permanent medical condition that might undermine your career.

The best pair is the one that works perfectly for the most number of cuts before it requires sharpening. According to hair pros, scissors should work efficiently for 700 (or more) cuts before they need sharpening service. Thus look for a pair that saves you the hassle as much as possible.

Type of Shears to Choose

These are many types of hair cutting shears available in the market; the most important ones are:

1.Thinning Shears
2.Texturising Shears
3.Styling Shears
4.Tempered Shears
5.Left-handed Shears
6.Japanese Hair Shears

Choose the shears according to your style of work and personal requirements. These scissors have carious types of blades; popular ones are beveled and convex blades. Choose the type of handles and thumb grips according to the comfort of the hand


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