How to clean makeup brushes?


Makeup brushes are good tools to be used daily. Therefore, you need to clean the brush from one to two times a week or more if used frequently.

How to clean makeup brushes?

Here are some ideas to preserve and clean makeup brushes:

Why cleaning makeup brushes is very important?

The regular makeup cause makeup brushes will make accumulation of old powder bead makeup, dead skin cells and sebum. This is the ideal environment for numerous kinds of bacteria grow and develop. If not clean makeup brushes, all types of emergency could make your skin inflammation and swelling. The makeup sponge pad is easy to accumulate bacteria every time you use cosmetics. So you should throw away the makeup sponge swab was used for a long time to avoid bad problems can affect the skin.

How to clean makeup brushes

You mix a cup of warm water with 1 tablespoon of children’s shampoo and add 3-4 drops of tea essential oil. Makeup brushes soaked in this solution and gently scrub your hands for several minutes. Shampoo will clean up the class makeup, tea essential oil will kill bacteria and mold on the brush. Then you need to clean makeup brushes that are no longer sticky shampoo. Next, use a clean towel to dry makeup brushes and can modify the shape of brush before they dry.

Secrets care makeup brushes

No makeup brushes soaked in boiling water, because hot water can not be sterilized, which will damage the brush. Do not share makeup brushes with other people, to avoid the risk of bacterial infection. Strong rubbing makeup brushes every beauty, but should use them gently to preserve the quality and keep the brush from hard drying .

Some centers beauty or cosmetic store selling all kinds of special products to clean makeup brushes. Although somewhat expensive price, but they are useful products.

Using makeup brushes as soon as the brush has dried completely.

How to protect and store makeup brushes.

Isolation makeup brushes used with the new makeup brushes. You should classify the brushes on the size and functionality for ease of use. You can also store makeup brushes in plastic bags or glass jars.

Not to get exposed to sunlight and high temperatures to avoid damage.

Keep makeup brushes in dry places. You should be a separate division of professional makeup brushes for liquid cosmetics with powder form.

For other types of marked eyelid, you need to cover the box immediately after use to prevent bacteria to enter. Also, it should remove the top layer of about once a week to avoid bacteria


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