How to do makeup for brown eyes ?


You want makeup for your brown eyes more beautiful especially when the new year is coming. We will introduce you to one type of makeup for your eyes more beautiful than in the moment new year is coming. Light effects from purl bead feels like there halo surrounds the face.

Blue neon, bright blue, always feels so cool to makeup in the summer. However, when using this color, you should not combine many pastels that should take effect from the decorative accessories. Here suggests a makeup like to go dinner, participants dressed or party:

How to do makeup for brown eyes

First, coated with white pearl eyeshadow  on the eye.

 makeup for brown eyes

Use a foam brush dots blue neon chalk cover on the eyes.

makeup eyes
Bold negotiations in the centre of eyelid

makeup brown eyes
Stay with this blue, create an outline for the lower eyelid

makeup tips

With this type of makeup to go to a party, you should use eyelashes and liquid eyeliner to create clarity to the eyes.

makeup eyes with blue neon
Mascara to both the upper and lower lashes, sparkling eyes more help.

makeup eyes

Finally, after completing the makeup step, you attach the red purl bead, pink, white on the stern eye and cheekbone

woman makeup tips
With dark eyes makeup like this, you should lipstick and rouge paler cheeks.


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