How to eye makeup so attractive?


Eye makeup is one of the most complex stages of makeup. Therefore, there are many tools, colors, and tips for execution this step. Sometimes this is frustrating the most patient person. However, with just a few tips as well, which can work much more smoothly.

How to eye makeup so attractive?The eyes that lets you express emotions, thoughts that at times words can not convey. So, when looking at someone’s face, the first impression is always the eyes. The mission of the eye makeup is how to enhance the color, shape and sharpness of eye and overcome the deficiencies of the eye.

First of all, you do not strain. Please consider this work brought much joy as you are outlining a work of art.

Experiment with color makeup to try to correct the defect

In my free time, try combining different color eyes. These are the colors you do not think of but who knows when you type up your eyes to create the new style. Learn to use eye pencils and brushes to sketch the definitive contours . As the skilled pencil, you will be surprised to increasingly sharp eyes.

You should also take advantage of the mascara because it makes long and curved for eyeslash

Having lost several rules: First the eyes, use neutral colors like brown, dark brown, beige. The middle eye, a primary color to background color. In the eyes, use darker colors to create highlights.

Create depth for eye

To do this a few broom up, little eyeshadow, pencil and some cream. You can use the powder wet or dry depending on the kind you’re familiar with types.

Pencil another easy to use. Just a few bold strokes to outline the eye that you want to highlight. Combine the colors and contrast of the color eyeshadow. We will make your eyes be bigger.

How to eye makeup so attractive?
What color eyes suit the color of your eyes?

If you hit up the color does not match your eye color, the makeup becomes counterproductive. Sometimes, trying to make colour of eyelid as appropriate eyeshadow color, the more it begrime. Therefore, use neutral colors. The neutral is not necessarily brown, grey, yellow, olive, purple or beige can be considered neutral when combined with appropriate eye color.

Eye makeup techniques are aimed at highlighting the natural shape of the eye . Remember the rule: light colors such as white for the eyes that become wider. Meanwhile, the dark color will make that area are shrinking.

So if your eyelids is large, the dark colors will create depth and sharpen the focus eyelid. Conversely, if your eyes a little bit eyelid , use to stick eyelash , hit the light to create the illusion to the large eye.


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