How to find buy work clothes to suit your shape?


Whether you deal with clients on a daily basis, or want to look nice at your desk, it’s essential to choose the right work clothes. Unflattering attire can ruin your confidence, so here’s how to flatter your figure and choose an outfit for your body shape.

How to find buy work clothes to suit your shape


Women with muscly, rectangular bodies often long for a bigger bust and sassier curves. Of course, a boob job can enhance your assets, but patterned, ruffled or frilly tops can also make you look more womanly. Opt for something with a scooping neckline to open up your chest and feminise your look with a plunging necklace. Complete your outfit with a structured, pleated skirt and make sure it’s got a flat waistband which pulls you in at the waist. Pull on a pair of high heels, grab a matching handbag and feel your best at work.


If you have wide shoulders and hips and a smaller waist, you’ve an enviable hourglass figure. To show off your curves, opt for low cut tops (though make sure you don’t reveal too much flesh at work) and stick to pencil or A-line skirts. Buy wrap around dresses that flatter your waist or put a belt around your middle to enhance your shape. Show off your perfect body symmetry in a well-tailored suit and try not to hide away in baggy, loose-fitting clothes. Buy a size larger than you are to create a lovely silhouette and even invest in some body control underwear – for exaggerated sassiness.


Look beautiful throughout 2012 by making the most of your small bust and shoulders and disguising your larger hips, bum and thighs. Balance out your proportions by investing in a tailored jacket that shows off your tiny waist and show off your middle by adding a thin belt. Make sure the jacket sits above the broader part of your body (to avoid making your hips looks wide) and opt for a bright colour, to draw attention to your upper half. Avoid pencil skirts (as these can be quite clingy) and instead wear an A-line cut which will make your middle look even smaller. Don’t wear anything too small and opt for a structured material that won’t accentuate your hips.


Disguise your round stomach by teaming a dark, tailored dress with a little cropped jacket. This will flatter your wider torse and will help you to feel confident in the workplace. Always wear your jacket undone and opt for a bright colour, as this will take the eyes away from the centre of your body. Show off slim legs in an A-line skirt (in a dark colour) and combine it with a lighter coloured top. Contrasting shades will help divide up your outfit and will help flatter all the right parts. Wearing the right underwear will also help disguise unwanted lumps and bumps and should make you look instantly slimmer. Liposuction surgery removes fat from unwanted places, but dressing properly can help you look thinner – without going under the knife.

Deciding what to wear can be tricky, but it’s essential to dress for your shape.


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