How to fix teeth change color


Since many different reasons that some people do not have beautiful white teeth as you want, make them take more or less confident when communicating. Current medicine has many methods of safe, quality help overcome this limitation.

Factors that make reclining color

– Eating habits: People who regularly eat betel, drink special tea, eat more chocolate to make that become dark. Especially for those addicted to tobacco, Nicotiana rustica, tobacco smoke and nicotine daily referring to the plastic that forms a deep yellow or dull black, the more they breath very foul.

– Do dyeing and metal fillings on the teeth: the past generation often dyed black wings with detailed, this is a security measure that is good, but no longer applicable because the concept of teeth dyed black It is modern society considered beautiful. Some people have hobbies that are filling up expensive metal, so long on the oxidation of metal that can be made that the number of gold, on the other seat on the metal fillings that are conditions for bacteria , ripple food sticking to teeth to change color and may increase the risk of tooth decay, especially for those poor oral hygiene.

– Use too much tetracycline: During pregnancy if the mother uses a lot of antibiotics this will affect bright white teeth of children in the future. As a child, the child must use multiple, long-term tetracycline also raised the yellow teeth with varying degrees.

– The pathology of teeth: tooth decay, inflammation benefits, inflammatory root, died marrow, are the factors that impact color to reclining. The activities of bacteria plus the high residues of fermented foods in saliva that makes men affected.

– Lack of nutrition: the pregnancy if the mother’s lack of nutrients, especially not added sufficient calcium and minerals will affect the process of formation and development of children’s teeth later, can young men will be minimum production (that is to take care of, there are brown spots on the surface of tooth enamel), minimum production ivory (tusks that were defective, making the teeth white or pale opaque or above that is gray black, lower part pale yellow). During the child grows teeth, instead of permanent teeth if a child malnutrition, stunted as easy to have a function that is not nice as expected.

– Living in areas with water sources contaminated flour: Some countries have local content in the flour to make higher water surface that is yellow-brown spots. They use flour in toothpaste, mouthwash to protect teeth but at a moderate content.

Processing that change color

Depending on the level of reclining color of teeth, loss of enamel, gold, gold and dark brown depending on the cause of this situation the dentist will take measures to handle accordingly.

Bleaching teeth: Before bleaching, the dentist must carefully examine patients teeth, the teeth must be treated from deep before. Currently the drug is used to bleach teeth is generally 35% phosphoric acid (H3PO4) or a gene with high carbamid perpxid, after performing bleaching, white teeth will more or less depending on the level of black before. Bleaching time from 3-5 years depending on the level of each person to preserve that.

Retrieved tartar and polishing teeth: For those that are black, yellow by smoke or use special long tea, white teeth to make back often to get that high, scraped clean areas that are haunted black .

Filling in composite materials: This is usually applied to cases that take more enamel, black and dark colors will not be able to recover the brightness white if done by other methods. They covered the surface of plastic composite that optical coincidence, also known as cosmetic dental fillings with halogen lamps. Hospitals in molars, the teeth surface science in the cities, provinces can best implement this technology.

All methods of tooth whitening is done in secure facilities dental reliability.

How to keep white teeth?

For a nice teeth, it’s important first of all to keep oral hygiene frequently clean, so brush your teeth immediately after meals, not eating much sugar sweet, especially before bedtime. Do not use a variety of special tea, tobacco, Nicotiana rustica, and often do not eat much chocolate. Get high and that the six month dental check-up once to take away the benefits plaque inflammation, sore teeth and timely detection of lesions for the treatment of teeth and gums.

Women during pregnancy and children aged teeth, change that should have guaranteed diets, avoid fetal malnutrition and rickets in children, not abuse antibiotics tetracycline . If you live in areas with water sources contaminated flour machine heavy use of alum to water diet. When tooth decay, inflammation benefits, inflamed dental pulp should seek medical treatment for early, to avoid serious illness will affect the quality of that color.


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