Perfectly painted nails can match your outfit, express your mood and reflect your personality, especially now that different amazing colors are available to choose from. You can choose any classic color that you want. The excitement resulting from this may make you forget that painting your nails without creating a mess can be tricky. Read on to learn how to get amazing results by following these makeup ideas:

How To Get Amazing Results Using A Spray Nail Polish1. Choose the color nail polish of your choice

Always remember that the color you pick speaks a lot about you as a person. It dictates your moods and forces you to wear clothes that match with it. Darker colors like black, purple or dark red make your nails seem longer, thus only choose these colors when you want them to appear longer. Do not select an old nail polish as it becomes gloopy and thick easily, forcing you to add acetone nail polish remover to it.

2. Pick a painting place

Look for a clean stable surface in a room that is well lit. A kitchen table or a study desk maybe a good option. Avoid getting the polish to the surface by placing a cloth or towel beneath your hand, ensure the room has adequate air circulation as fumes from nail polish and its remover are not good for your health.

3. Gather the necessary supplies

Pick cotton balls, nail polish remover, nail file, q-tip, nail clippers and any other item that you may need before starting the process. Having them at hand will fasten the painting process and reduce the chances of nail smudging.

4. Remove excessive polish

Soak a cotton ball in the polish remover, hold it against the nail for some seconds. Swiping the cotton ball along the nail will remove the excess polish. Soak q-tip in the remover and use it to remove the polish trapped on the edges. Swiping nails in the polish should be done before painting to get rid of the existing polish or any oily substance on the nails. Doing enables the color to last for a longer period.

5. Cut and file your nails

If your nails have uneven edges, use the nail clippers to trim them. Ensure that they are of the same lengths. Depending on your individual preference, you can make a square or a rounded finish.

6. Apply a base coat

The aim of a base layer is to give your polish a surface smooth enough to stick. Two different types of a functional base layer are available. One is the ridge filler that provides a smooth surface for painting on. The other is a strengthener that strengthens your nails enabling them to grow healthy.

7. Regulate the amount of polish on your painting brush

You need to have the right amount of nail polish on your brush to achieve perfectly painted nails. To achieve this, open the colored bottle and then wipe the brush on its inner rim. With time and experience, you will know the desired amount of polish on the brush. Always check the shape of brush before painting, the flat ones are known to create less or no mess at all.

8. Place a drop of paint at the base of the finger

Position your brush directly in the center and just above the cuticle. Allow a drop of paint that is enough to cover the whole to fall on this spot. The method is standard with experienced manicurists. Therefore you should not be worried if you don’t get it the first time.


Once your coat of polish is dry, you can apply a clear coat as the final coat. The top layer helps to prevent color wearing from the top, while strengthening the long nails. Use a q-tip to clean any mess that may have occurred in the process.