How to get perfect hair?


You would think that the best hair care shampoo, steam oil, fed nutrients … However, there is still a factor equally important to help your hair become perfect. That hair cut regularly.

How to get perfect hair?How often should cut my hair?

Everyone’s hair is different should not impose rigid standards. But it certainly should not exceed 3 months haircuts / time. On average, you should cut her hair after 4-6 weeks. The timing depends on the physical, habits and other factors of each.

Why we should not take so long?

The haircut does not often cause major impact “health” of your hair. Must have specific time to re-create your hair and continue to grow. If it is not renewable, your hair will be deteriorated and split ends

If I want to cut it sooner?

Depending on the condition of each person’s hair, you can divide the appropriate time cut. Some people have nice hair, you can cut a long time even worse than the people who cut hair faster. If you use dryer or stretching routine, bad hair and you will need to cut an earlier time

Want thicker hair, need to do?

All the experts say that to your hair thicker you need to cut hair more often. It sounds strange but the truth is, if you’re new to hair grow continuously, it will grow more but frayed, broken tops. When you go to the hairdresser, more and more workers will cut your hair shorter.

Hair care routine helps you to easily change your hair style and fit you. Noting periodically cut away matches to help hair always perfect.


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