How to Get the Best Hair Straightener for Your Hair ?


When you decide to straight your hair properly, the best  and most effective option for you to straight your hair is  by using a hair straightener or usually known as flat iron. Hair straighteners are a kind of electronic device that helps to straight your hair using heat and give your hair a sleek, smooth and streamlined appearance.

So what is the differences between flat irons and hair straightening brushes?

Hair straightening brushes:

How to Get the Best Hair Straightener for Your Hair ?Hair straightening brushes are pretty good at straightening damp or moist  hair when they are ionic and rotating models. They straighten your hair using less heat by applying a mechanical action through the rotating technology.

The latest models of hair straightening brushes also work on blow dried hair by giving consistent heat and using ceramic technology for hair straightening.

The ionic/ceramic/tourmaline technologies of the new generation brushes all make sure that there are no hot spots while working the hair, therefore, it won’t get harmed. As well they make your locks styling more flexible, make the hair shinier and more manageable.

As well, a very important thing to think about is that good hot straightening brushes are a little more pricey compared to straightening irons.

The hot straightening brush is the best choice for you if:

  1. You have regular to thin hair. It even works well with damaged, dull hair, because it protects it and gives shine
  1. You want to style your hair often, even daily
  1. You are likely to spend a bit extra for latest technology

Hair Straighteners:

How to Get the Best Hair Straightener for Your Hair ?The hair straighteners work because they have flat plates in their body which get hot and touch together on the both side of your hair. By this process, they apply heat through your hair follicles, lock in moisture and remove frizz from your hair.

The hair straighteners are made of various different kind of materials such as metal, ceramic, glass and much more. And these different type of materials are good for different type of uses and the price of them also depends on the materials used for them.

The less expensive ones are the glass and metal ones, but your hair can be get damaged by them seriously because their heat is not equally distributed. So that, some parts of these flat irons get hot while some other parts remain cool. In this way, some part of your hair can seriously get burned.

So, I suggest you buy a high-quality flat iron, especially if you are going to use them often. Ceramic hair straighteners are the most preferable one for your hair because they distribute heat properly and heat up more faster than the other ones, and also reduce the chances of your locks getting damaged by the heat.

 The titanium hair straighteners also can be a great choice for your hair because they are also similar like the ceramic irons. In titanium irons, you don’t have to face heat imbalance and it enables you to style your hair quicker and secured. Tourmaline hair straighteners can be the best selection for you if you are seeking for a perfect shiny hairstyle for your hair. Tourmaline flat irons are made by a precious gemstone which makes it’s plates warm up quicker and give you perfectly smooth and straight hair.

The flat iron is the best choice for you when:

  1. You have a thick, naturally curly or afro hair that is very difficult to style
  1. You do not style your locks often, as it can be damaging. Accomplishing a silky appearance from time to time (not daily) should be good

3.You are not trying to create volume in your hairstyle

  1. You are budget sensitive

You can find an excellent collection of best hair straighteners including product description, material, prices, popular brands on the internet that will assist you to select a flat iron that suits you the best, based on your hair kind, time and budget. Additionally, they will also give you some helpful ideas to judge before selecting which one to purchase, such as instruction like ensuring that to use a heat protection spray before using your flat iron. This spray safeguards your locks from being over overheating, when making your hair smooth and shiny. Some new flat irons enable you to style your hair even on moist hair, without harming it as well as some of them have automatic shut-off feature to prevent overheating. It is advisable to apply a straightener with the lowest heat setting to start with because an excessive amount of heat can completely damage your locks. Moreover, ensure that you straight your locks strand by strand, to prevent employing an excessive amount of heat. This process will also make sure a perfect appearance, though it will require a longer time to finish. In the event that you travel frequently, pick a straightener which comes with a heat protected handbag to be able to packet it instantly and not having to wait for when it cool down.

Although you will get hair straighteners in a huge selection of sizes and colors, it is advisable to consider your long term investment decision carefully, for the reason that selecting this device a long-standing decision which will significantly have an effect on your hair in the event you choose an inexpensive, low-priced iron.


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