How to hide your acne with 6 makeup tricks


Makeup is necessary for the girl of every age. The era has modernized, so the trends have also changed. Nowadays you need to do the makeup all the times. Even the consciousness of facial expression has increased a lot. The makeover not only makes you look beautiful but also builds up your confidence. When you feel you are attractive, then the world too seems to be pleasing. If we talk about the skin, then there are different types of it. Some people have normal while others have dry or sensitive skin.

Though makeup is essential, it is also very harmful. If you have sensitive skin then many problems that are faced by you. The chances of getting acne arises to many fold.  These acne marks may be temporary or permanent. They give an unpleasant look.

Therefore you must hide these marks. In the current time, there are many remedies to overcome the acne but even if its temporary you must hide it. Along with that, you should use the high quality product as your skin is one of the most sensitive parts of your body. Following are the six makeup tricks that can help you to hide your acne:

How To Clean Your Face- nice video for you1. Cleanse your face

First of all you should make sure that your face is properly washed and moisturized. Face wash or any natural product can be used in this regard. Most people if they have oily skin do not use moisturizer, but it is a must for every skin type. Along with that the cleanser also lightens up the scars and make it is easy for the makeup to cover up them.

You can also do that with the natal products such as aloe vera. It not only acts as a mask but also finishes the acne and its scars permanently. After that before doing any makeover, the first thing that you should apply to your face should be a primer. Primer not only helps the foundation to last long but also give a smooth effect to your skin.  It can also act as a moisturizer for the skin acne and also fills the large pores. The best primer for oily skin of 2017 can prove to be a great help for you in finding the best for your skin type.

2. Use of concealer

It is an important makeup product which is used to hide different types of skin spots. It is mostly used to hide dark circles and acne. It is mostly in the form of a stick, and you need to apply it on the affected part where you have scars and spots and then blend it properly with the pads of your fingers so that it covers them and the rest of the makeup can be done easily without the acne being prominent.

It is recommended that you should not rub it because rubbing can make your skin loose and can give you streaky results. It will not only change your look but will make you look beautiful and gorgeous.

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3. Use of foundation

You should be very careful while buying makeup for yourself if you have acne. Any average or bad quality product can worsen it.

If we talk about the foundation, then it is not only used to brighten up your complexion but is also used to hide various spots on the skin and as well as the acne. It must be chosen wisely. Nowadays products for sensitive skin are easily available from the market. But from those even you should only buy the ones that suit your skin type.

4. BB cream

One cannot use the foundation all the time. Therefore for the daily use, a new cream which gives the effect of the foundation and acts like one is the BB cream. It can be used easily on a daily basis.

If you are a working woman or a student for which you have to stay in makeup all the time, then it is the best choice for you. This cream is used not only to enhance your complexion and make you look more gorgeous, but it can also be used to hide the acne and dark spots present on the skin. It is easily available on the market. You only need to put a small drop of it on your hand then apply it to your face and blend it gently with your fingers. It will cover up your acne, dark spots, and dark circles.

5. Anti Acne Soap and Anti Acne cream

With the advancement in technology and the invention of new things the makeup section has also improved to many folds. With the increase in skin diseases and infections the remedies to them have also become easily available.

Nowadays the anti-acne soap and creams have become a great help. If you use them regularly, then they will not only help you in eradicating the acne scars and dark spots but will also stop them from coming again. It is, therefore, a very important product that should be used by those who have sensitive skin and acne problems. Along with that, the whitening minerals are also present in such creams that enhance your complexion.Compact powder

6. Compact powder

It is one of the most basic item present in every girl’s makeup kit. It is a great product that can be used every day. It helps to seal the makeup and is easy to carry. It locks in the makeup and is pigmented. Its different shades are available in market. You can pick any according to your skin type and choice. It works just like a foundation or a concealer.

If the compact powder is lighter than your skin tone then it might end up looking dry and patchy whereas the powder darker than your skin tone can be used as a bronzer, but not as a compact. Therefore it is important that you pick up your shade perfectly.


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