How to identify overdue cosmetic

Using expired cosmetics can cause allergic skin rash … So, should know how to preserve and identify the product when there are signs of spoilage.

How to identify overdue cosmetic


Lipsticks usually have two types: type bars with a term of 2 to 3 years, type water has a shorter duration of 8 months. When broken, often difficult to stick lipstick on the lips when applied, appear the tiny droplets on the surface of the product, the smell turned …


This limited cosmetic use on average 1 to 3 years. Signs of damage: Cream split into two separate parts of the water and pollen, unpleasant flavor and color changes.

Rose water

Longevity of rose water is often over 3 years, but if not well preserved will be shorter. Expression when broken is turbid, sediment at the bottom of the bottle closed, the smell changes.

Cream lining

Similar signs of damage moisturizers, including ice cream tends to liquefy, the color change and bad smelled .


Cosmetics mascara is also very easily damaged if exposed to air, expressed as dry or clumping.

Pink powder

Powder is lost color, broken or hardened very difficult to use.

Polish water nail

Often easily damaged when exposed to air and strong light. Therefore, after using it and put the lid tightly closed in a cool place. Expression is frequently damaged layer of oil can rise above.


How to identify which is so easy: Perfume scent or aroma is lost no more passionate than before, the solution of perfume can turn to darker colors.


– Ideally, you should not buy cosmetics are sold in places not safe, because most likely they will not be preserved in good condition (like to close with many other commodities, storage temperature uncertainty sure …)

– Even when he saw limited use of cosmetics is still valid (printed on the package), you should also be cautious. The reason is not well preserved, their real life will be shorter.

– When buying, you should check carefully preserved products from salespeople or view information on the packaging.


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