How to improve body image with tomatoes


Tomato is a fruit topping of nutritious foods that benefit health . Tomatoes are rich in vitamins , minerals , antioxidants , and particularly rich in lycopene – substances may help this fruit is deep red in the beneficial nutrients to help you stay healthy , slow the aging process chemistry .

How to improve body image with tomatoes

However, if you only use tomatoes to eat , you just take advantage of the 50% of this nutrient-rich berries . Tomatoes can also be used for skin care from the outside in many ways extremely effective and simple .

Here are ways to take care of your skin and tomatoes .

1 . Cleaning and improve skin tone

If you have dark skin less dull raw fresh tomatoes should be used to feed the skin . You just take the meat tomatoes , remove seeds mixed with an equal amount of avocado . Mark is fine and apply on face for 20 minutes .

This approach will make your skin soft , elastic and radiant . Vitamin C in tomatoes helps remove dark skin bright and clean , deep in avocados contain many nutrients , adequate water supply . However, tomatoes contain acid should also not suitable for thin skin , redness easy . This mask can make your skin white , but also increase the likelihood quick suntan . So you should be shielded , use sunscreen to protect your skin after using holistic methods of this beauty .

2 . Minimizes pores

With the pores , tomatoes will also overcome this unsightly problem by mixing 1 teaspoon of tomato juice with 5 drops of lemon juice . Take a cotton ball dipped in the mixture then apply on areas with large pores for 10 minutes . Then you wash your face clean and use ice to massage the face.

How to improve body image with tomatoes

3 . Blackhead treatment

Tomatoes are relatively strong purifying properties should be able to take away the dirt , clean pores , anti-inflammatory . Therefore, you can use tomato for acne . You simply rub the meat with tomato on the pimple , let it dry and then wash your face . to 1 times per day regularly and you will soon see remarkably effective .

4 . Reduce oily

You mix 1 egg white with 2 tablespoons of crushed tomatoes intestine and apply on face for 30 minutes until dry and then washed 2 times per week . Your skin will be smooth, less oily

5 . Improves skin sunburn

If you go with the sun on your skin dull black ugly then chilled half- cup of tomato juice available . Then apply on your skin is dull . Your skin will be restored soon but on the condition that you should limit sun after the “treatment ” of tomatoes.

If you have more time , you can mix with yogurt tomato is used for treatment of brown spots caused by sun better .

6 . Dry hair treatment , make hair soft

This is a little-known effects of tomatoes . After you wash your hair , apply a mixture of tomato puree mix honey into your hair for 10 minutes . Then rinse with cold water


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