How to keep in shape and youthful like Madonna


Rare beauties who have stepped over the age of 56 while maintaining body toned, healthy and sexy charm irresistible as Madonna.

Madonna’s secret is practice and perseverance to pursue a sensible diet. She chose a combination of two diet Macrobiotic Diet and Zone Diet along with exercise Ashtanga Yoga and Gyrotonic.

How to keep in shape and youthful like Madonna

Madonna’s diet

Madonna pursued two simultaneous nutritional menu is Macrobiotic Diet and the Zone Diet.

Macrobiotic Diet, also known as real as dietary support to enhance health. Macrobiotic is made ​​up of the two words “macro” means big and “bios” meaning life. Macrobiotic is also from the original “microbiotic” in Greek means long life. This diet is highly recommended to maximize the benefits of bringing food to a healthy body. Diet Macrobiotic  is to eat right, eat enough and not fasting to lose weight. The menu featured the use of food grown locally, with each region’s soil. Macrobiotic respect of the food elements such as gender, age, weather, seasons, status and physical activity of every person …

Zone Diet is the diet most commonly used in Hollywood. The founder of this menu is a biochemist Barry Sears. He said that to just lose weight without compromising health, the diet should be 40% carbodyhrate, 30% protein and 30% fat.

Madonna’s daily menu is:

+ Breakfast: vegetable soup (just picked organic vegetables).

+ Lunch: Macrobiotic menu includes steamed vegetables, tofu, beans and nuts.

+ Dinner: steamed fish and organic vegetables.

Madonna avoid dairy foods, meats and sugary foods. Also, Madonna eat a lot flaxseed during the day. It is very rich in Omega 3 foods, have healthy skin and especially effective to help lose weight.

Madonna’s exercise regime

Madonna spent three hours every day to practice. She chose the firm exercises the biceps muscle, stomach and thighs. Madonna also pays special attention to the relaxation exercises help increase the body supple. Two of Madonna’s favorite exercises is Ashtanga Yoga and Gyrotic.

Ashtanga Yoga is exercise regularly to coordinate body movements with breathing. Every action comes with a breathe steadily for about an hour. When moving from posture to another posture, the collective attention to regulate your breathing, inhaling and exhaling deeply and slowly, to give oxygen to the entire body. Ashtanga Yoga movements to help improve the blood circulation in the body. This is a very important factor in preserving youth for women.

Gyrotonic exercise is a lot of popular Hollywood stars. Gyrotonic is a system of exercises to help connect the joints, improving the energy flow of the body, clear the graving, increase stamina and improve health. The founder of Gyrotonic exercise methods, he Juliu Horvathm said, this is the training method based on continuous motion. You can see it’s like Pilates but Gyrotonic exercises do more than that. Gyrotonic exercise requires continuous movement combined with breathing.

Madonna’s workout schedule:

+ Morning: Ashtanga Yoga practice in 1 hour.

+ Afternoon: Gyrotonic exercises for 2 hours.


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