How to keep your breast firm?


Not only women after childbirth that many women often wonder why their hard exercise – which is seen as a way to keep your body clean, firm but still sagging breasts. How to fix this situation?

How to keep your breast firm?

Also caused by chest structure, the common cause of the sisters have a sagging  breasts is not properly breastfeeding makes breasts sag  or hard exercises such as jogging, volleyball, tennis… or lose weight too fast makes your body weight decreased rapidly and chest were also smaller and saggy … Knowing the causes will help you a way is recovery the breast to get more toned.

Breast feeding properly

During breastfeeding, your breasts become engorged breasts continuously deformed after weaning, sometimes you are not feeding the two parties and not feeding properly make breasts sag with traction caused . Therefore, the sisters need to pay attention to the regime within a day care from pregnancy and learn how to breastfeed properly(You can refer the article: 4 posture most comfortable for breastfeeding). Even when breastfeeding, the sisters should not neglect to wear bras. Because breasts are not supported properly so vulnerable and saggy. Therefore, you must choose a suitable bra when breastfeeding.

Do not lose weight too fast

After birth, many women are often eager to lose weight rapidly regained body slimming. But the breast does not include the muscles and ligaments that only the adipose tissue, if losing weight too fast, not in skin elasticity, the breasts will sag. So, ideally you should lose weight naturally and gradually change their eating habits to self-regulation body. And breast skin has time to create resilient and not wrinkled, saggy.

Choose the appropriate sport

With you have well developed chest and should limit the sport too much activity. Since practicing the sport, your breasts will always be regular vibration from train movements. And without the proper support for chest the chest sagging.

When practicing the powerful sport, you should choose a special bra for exercise for sagging chest. Also, if you want a ring tone, powerful, you can select which sports the impact frequently to chest, arms, shoulders, the chest will be good for more like breaststroke, push, walk , cycling …

And to be within a firm and not sagging, you can apply these tips:

How to keep your breast firm?


Bathing is the most appropriate time to massage the breasts. Let the jets of water from the shower to do this task. Combined with stroking movements from top to bottom. Note that should not be removed in a circle and avoid the strong squeeze your chest will make adipose tissue in the chest was wet and loose.


– Vegetables, broccoli, carrots and other darker vegetables will help the breast better.

– Green Papaya contains many enzymes, helping protein degradation, which helps the body absorb protein helps you have a beautiful chest.

– Dairy products, types of eggs: milk, soy milk, cheese and eggs are rich in proteins, are crucial elements for breast development.

– Increased levels of estrogen in the body is the way your breasts continue to grow. Linseed and orange is one of the many fruits contain natural estrogens.

– Absorption of high quality protein like chicken, tofu, eggs and fish. May improve chest conditions paste, making skin tightening.

Two masks help your breast healthy and  firm:

1.Yogurt and eggs

Two tablespoons of milk mixed with a spoonful of sunsweetened yogurt then apply to breasts for 20 minutes and then wipe clean. Make 2 times / week

2.Mask apple

Cut apples into thin pieces, water pressure. Pour the milk and apple juice, bring to boil. To this cooled solution you’ll see a thin layer appears. This film picked up and gently massage the chest, to about 15 ‘, then rinse with warm water, and rinse with cold water. Perform 2-3 times / week.


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