How to make the best curls using a curling iron


It is always fascinating to see women with beautiful hair styles. It is likewise a wonderment that the common denominator among women regardless of race is to have beautiful hair. It’s a woman’s crowning glory. Styling the hair is essential to every woman. Curling the hair is one of the most desired hairstyles. Good thing with technology advancing yearly, modern curling irons are now deemed safe to use daily. I always thought that curling irons is a modern day tool. No it isn’t. Look back into ancient history and you will see pictures of women with curly hair. Men during the Babylonian and Assyrian eras crimp and curl their beards. I am not to judge men’s preference to curl their beards in these eras but this only goes to show that curling the hair is a timeless passion.

  • Easy Tips

Women like to style their hair daily. It boosts themselves confidence when they know they look good. Curling your hair used to be a tedious task. Luckily, it is not anymore. You have discovered some easy ways on how to make the best curls using a curling iron.

  • Right Size.

Choosing the right size will greatly help produce the desired effect depending on how you want your curls to appear. For those with fine and short hair, the recommend using a .75 diameter barrel to give hair some volume. Those with medium to long hair length opting to have natural looking curls should choose a 1 inch barrel. While those who aim to achieve the big curl effect, should use a 1.5 to 2 inches barrel. This also produces a wavy effect and gives great volume to the hair.


There are different materials used for curling irons and knowing how each works would help you achieve the desired curls you want.

  • Chrome irons or the metal plated

These are the cheapest ones you can find anywhere. I would not recommend this type especially if you want to use them often. This easily damages the hair strands, can cause breakages, produce a frizzy effect and makes hair unmanageable.

  • Gold and titanium iron

This is a good heat conductor but does not protect hair from getting frizzy. This is a little expensive than the chrome types.

  • Ceramic and tourmaline iron

It is a bit expensive but it is a wise investment considering the benefits it can provide for your hair. The ceramic produces even heat and the tourmaline releases negative ions which closes the cuticle and locks in moisture. This type is preferred by professional hairstylists worldwide. On top of these, it gives the best results for all hair types.


  •  Right Temperature

When girls first bought their curling iron, they particularly chose one which allows them a wide range of temperature settings to choose from. Choose one with 140 to 400 degrees settings. Hair which is fine, fragile and color treated should not exceed 200 degrees; otherwise it would do more damage to your hair, or worse, burn it. We don’t want that to happen. For coarse and thick hair initially set it between 200 and 300 degrees. Gradually, increasing it to a higher temperature setting but not exceeding 400 degrees. Experiment with different settings but make sure you do not over heat your hair.

  • Features

Girls like to use a curling iron with a rolling barrel and a swivel cord. It is a lot more comfortable since they like to curl often and for a longer period. An indicator light is a must for them since it tells them the iron is already heated up and ready to use.

  • Don’t Forget

Before curling, you must make sure your hair is thoroughly dry. Damp hair can get singed easily when used with a curling iron. Also, you apply a generous amount of heat serum or thermal spray on your hair to prevent from any damage. And you comb your hair making sure it is tangle free. If there are residues that are hard to remove, use a cleaner which you can buy from a local drugstore. A clean curling iron greatly helps having an even temperature on the iron thus resulting in a having beautiful curls.

Just remember when you want to purchase a curling iron for yourself, choose the one which is ideal for your hair type and the styles you prefer. Research and read reviews and ask a professional hairstylist like I did. The price was my least consideration since I am passionate about achieving beautiful hair styles.

Tips on How to Curl Your Hair with Curling Iron

In order to curl your hair, first go through the user guidelines provided along with the equipment. Even though it is easy to handle curling iron, it is important that you understand the unit before using it for hair curling. Also take a note of the barrels and attachments, so that you can give fabulous curls of various sizes. Once you are thorough with the manual, you can proceed with styling your hair by using the curling iron. Let’s take a brief look at the tips for using curling iron.

If you have washed and conditioned your hair, make sure you let them dry before treating with a curling iron. Otherwise, your hair will flatten upon drying. Also, comb your hair properly to loosen any entangles. For better curling, you can apply curl enhancer products that are available in the market. Ensure that you follow the instructions in order to apply them correctly. Some of these hair care products are formulated for using in wet hair, while you will find others that are to be applied on dry hair.

Plug in the curling iron and turn on the switch. Allow the iron to heat up till the desired temperature; you can check with the user manual for reference of temperature levels. By the meantime, divide your hair in several sections. You can use hair clips to hold the sections in place. If you are assured that the correct temperature is reached, open the iron by referring to the manual. Take hold of a hair section and place in the curling iron. In case you want to curl the whole length, start from the part that is near to the roots and slide the unit down. Accordingly you can place the tip portion, if you prefer to have curls on the tips only.

Relying on whether you like inward curls or outward curls, you can wind hair around the curling iron in a particular orientation. And wrap your hair until the tip (for whole length curling) and hold curling iron for 10 seconds. Gently come apart your hair from curling iron. By following these same steps, you may begin curling the next section and continue, until all the hair sections are curled. Spray and comb curled your hair gently to make volume.

I hope you will have a nice curling hair.


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