Going absolutely makeup free is fine but, not many women are ready to go out and keep their faces bare like Alicia Keys. Many, well, not really out of lack of confidence not to go makeup free.

Face it! Make up is really fun and it should stay that way. It will be so much less of a hassle if you have any idea how to put on makeup exactly. This beauty routine takes skill and practice too, you know.

How to makeup that lasts all day?

Tips to keep your makeup on all day and all night long

If slippery canvas and makeup that doesn’t stay in place is your perennial makeup concern, you’re probably not really having fun putting and keeping your makeup on. There are 10 tips below that will help solve makeup that does not stay in place. Rehash your makeup skills with these easy tips and tricks for putting on makeup for any skin type:

Tip 1: Use the right products

The top reason why most women experience a lot of drawbacks keeping their makeup on is because they tend to focus only on the whether or not the shade looks on their skin — wrong! Read the labels too, ladies! If you have oily skin, skip the heavily moisturized products and cosmetics that contain a lot of heavy creams like foundations. You will like to stick to matte products.

Tip 2: Use less products

Stop being a fan of too much product layering. Not only will this cause your skin to become more greasy, this practice is also likely to cause your skin irritation and damage.

Tip 3: Cleanse and tone your skin thoroughly but gently

Always begin your makeup routine with a clean canvas. Skip the alcohol-based cleansers and toners. Alcohol strips off your skin’s natural oils, causing your oil glands to release more oil. You should instead use soap-free cleansers that are gentle yet effective in keeping off infection causing bacteria from your skin. Make it a point to exfoliate regularly so your makeup will not be left sitting on debris.

Tip 4: Nourish and moisturize your skin first

No sensible listing of how to put on makeup can be complete without this step. Skin that’s left tight and dry will only prompt your skin to overcompensate for the dryness, that means, more grease. Apply your serums, essences and moisturizers first. Let each product seep in well before following up with another. Leave these on for a few minutes before applying your makeup.

Tip 5: Skip the thick foundation

No need for thick cover up, most especially if you’re going for a daily makeup wear. Use a BB Cream with a matte finish instead. It’s lightweight and multifunctional — camouflages skin imperfections, moisturizes and protects from UV. The less layering you do, the healthier it is for your skin.

Tip 6: Apply a matte concealer

Spot correct for sections of your skin where imperfections remain noticeable.

Tip 7: Prep your eyes and lips before putting on color

Bring your concealer to line your lids and lips with too. The matte texture of the concealer helps keep your eyeliners, eye shadows and lipstick from slipping.

Tip 8: Use the right, quality brushes to apply your products

Brushes better incorporates your products into your skin and gives you much better cover up than your fingers ever can deliver.

Tip 9: Use long-wear, waterproof make up for special days only

For daily makeup, stick to regular mattes and nudes. Remember to keep it light and sheer, most especially if you’re expecting to be spending the day in a humid environment. Again, too much products that are too harsh or too thick will only make your skin break and your oil glands work out of sync.

Tip 10: Set your makeup

Use a setting spray most especially in humid weather or settings, and if you have oily skin. You can stick to a setting powder in colder settings or, if you have dry skin.


There could have been a Tip No. 11 but, it must be more aptly called as a rule. It goes, if you want to start with another clean and clear canvas the following day, make sure to strip your face free of all products before you go to bed. Treat your skin to a basic cleansing and regenerative skincare routine at night.

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