How to prevent heart disease


By the simplest ways you can relay it to heart to heart stay healthy. Discover the tips in the article below.

Understanding some essential indicators. Blood pressure levels, cholesterol and triglycerides are important numbers you need to know before you try to protect healthy heart.

how to prevent heart disease

Walk: According to experts, exercise is the fountain of youth. Walk 20-30 minutes a few days a week can help reduce more than 50% risk of dying prematurely.

 prevent heart disease

Laugh: Not wrong to say that a smile by 10 stairs tonic. Laughing for about 15 minutes to bring health benefits to the heart, equivalent to 30 minutes of exercise. Laughing is also considered to help improve blood vessels, increasing the amount of hormone to the brain, improves morale, while repelling attacks or anxiety.

Controlling body fat: Note waist, not weight. Waist circumference is a measure of your overall health better body weight, because fat around the abdomen is directly related to high blood pressure, high cholesterol and may increase your risk of diabetes.

ways to prevent heart disease

Sleep well and enough sleep: Sleep is the least important people to see, but in fact it is essential for your health. Lack of sleep will make blood pressure, making you more prone to stress, and always feel cravings. This was not the lack of sleep also slows metabolism, causing you to lose morale and even reduce your cognitive abilities.

Exercise:  appropriate exercise regime is not only a necessary condition for a healthy body, but also reduce the impact of cardiovascular disease. Exercise but you do not necessarily have to perform heavy exercise, training too hard, or to practice daily with durations of 60 minutes. The gentle exercise can exercise included walking, jogging, aerobics, yoga. The more important thing is that you must have both awareness for exercise and just have the determination to change the habits of life and overcome their own inertia. Every day just walking 30-60 minutes, or sports activities under the regime of 15-30 / min / times / day is enough to lower blood pressure, maintaining levels of HDL, blood sugar and weight reasonable body. Such exercise regime is not too difficult even for those who do not have much time funds.


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