How to protect your skin without cosmetic?


Sunscreens protect the skin just outside while guava, strawberry, tomato, orange, tangerine, watercress … will skin care from the inside.

How to protect your skin without cosmeticFood against UV rays

UV (Ultraviolet radiation) – UV is part of the energy emitted by the sun, can cause color change and weaken collagen, reducing the elasticity of the epidermis. So to protect the skin under the summer sun, needed to supplement the cluster oxidation resistant cells to remove excess free radicals. They are present in foods rich in vitamin C, E, A, or carotenoids, zinc and selenium.

– Vitamin C supplementation of vitamin C per day not only helps the body increase resistance but also to prevent skin aging due to sunshine. Vitamin C is found in fruits: guava, strawberries, tomatoes, oranges, tangerines … and watercress.

– Carotenoids and phytochemicals: Include fruits yellow, red and dark green vegetables such as carrots, mangoes, pumpkin, papaya, vegetables, potatoes, spinach …

– Vitamin A: liver, egg yolks, fatty fish, cheese, butter …

– Vitamin E: vegetable oils (sunflower, corn), fresh vegetables, almonds …

– Zinc: wheat germ, mussels, oysters, raw bread …

– Selenium: seafood, fish, mushrooms, garlic, onions, whole grains

– Foods rich in omega-3 fish oil wealth, hard-shelled fruit …

2. Foods to avoid

On summer days, you need to reduce the following foods as they react to UV rays, causing skin lesions:

– Prosalen foods as celery, dill, parsley.

– Food containing quinine as tonic water, bitter water.

– Canned food and drinks containing additives and sweeteners.

How to protect your skin without cosmetic3. Food fighting sun

When exposed to sunlight for a long time can cause skin burns, irritation, burning dull. There are many kinds of natural materials to treat these lesions safely and effectively.

Green Tea: Very good in the treatment of eye damage due to sunburn skin. How simple, you just filter it and apply cold tea bags on the eyes. Green tea reduces dark circles, certified tanning and relaxing the eyes.

Centella : vegetables is likely to stimulate the formation of collagen to heal the damaged skin tissue. So you should drink regularly to estimate pennywort effective treatment from the inside.

Onion: Use onion juice rubbed onto the skin to keep cool sunburn and reduce skin inflammation.

Cabbage and lettuce: Soak them in cold water or refrigerate, then fill each leaf on areas of skin sunburn.

Cucumbers and potatoes: Cure for sunburned the special cheeks. You can move cucumbers, potatoes into slices and cover them up cheeks to reduce swelling


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