How to remove armpit stains with natural cosmetic?


It would not at all confident for the girls when the dress open armpit that skin under the arms and the deep black staining. How to treat bruises and get back this stubborn charm for you?

How to remove armpit stains with natural cosmetic?Often women use creams or armpit roller treatment staining . But for this cosmetic results often do not bring much that “result” is accompanied by the no less.

How safe and secure is to use the natural materials available to care for your underarm skin. Here are a few secrets intensive treatment arm with the vegetables, roots and fruits of nature.


Considered one of the natural substance and the high bleaching safest, lemon juice not only for underarm skin, but also is widely used as sisters face mask. You can use a slice of lemon directly onto the skin covering the armpit or possibly juiced and mixed with some other juices such as cucumber, turmeric, … applied to the skin to the armpit.


Characteristics of the milk is soothing and moisturizing skin. When combined with yogurt or milk potato juice, honey, fresh or flour technology… to mask underarm skin will be effective intensive therapy seen.

Rose water

This is a very good natural extracts for skin. Rose water can be combined with other materials to intensive treatment arm.

For example, mix rose water with green bean paste. Take 1 teaspoon of green beans and 5-10 drops of rose water to make a soft paste. Apply on the skin under the armpit and hold for 10 – 5 minutes, then you rinse with warm water.

Sandalwood is used a lot in the beauty of technology. Sandalwood is also the raw materials used to whiten the armpit. Prepare a bowl of a teaspoon of sandalwood and rosewater small canopy. Mixing the two components in proportion to form a moderate Blended apply on the underarms. To dry then rinse with warm water.

Vitamin E and coconut oil

Mix coconut oil and Vitamin E to create a mixture used to clean the armpit. Before the shower, take the mixture and gently massage the armpit area for at least 10 minutes. Then you can wash them with soap and water as usual.


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