How to remove freckles with pineapple and papaya


Freckles are so anxious, not less worry of women past the age of 30. If not cared freckles can turn into difficult spots obscured by pigmentation cosmetics. So many kinds of cosmetics, many freckles therapy born to serve the needs of the sisters. However they are quite expensive, not everyone is eligible to use.

Incredibly cheap and easy to make papaya and pineapple, tropical fruits two caHow to remove freckles with pineapple and papayan blur freckles on his face. Although not as fast as creams or lasers but pineapple and papaya ensure absolute safety for the user. Above all, this recipe will actually deletes the hated freckles on your skin and help you save big money.

Removing freckles with pineapple and papaya

Papaya contains natural acids and alpha hydroxy + papain, an enzyme that helps break down dead skin cells. Meanwhile, there are plenty of bromelian pineapple enzymes help remove layers of skin pigmentation and reduce blobs, wrinkles. When combined together, and AHA enzymes in papaya and pineapple will slowly purging the cells die, the dark pigmentation and lighten the skin color.


– Fresh papaya, peeled, grated nuts can either leave

– Fresh pineapple

– Honey


– Diced pineapple and papaya mixed with a few drops of honey and grind up

– After a smooth mixture, add a little honey mixed in

– Use a makeup remover or cotton mask soaked her because this solution and apply on the skin freckles

– Apply the mixture on for 10 to 15 minutes.

– After that, rinse with warm water and moisturizing creams are often used by or coconut oil, jojoba oil. You will immediately notice your skin visibly bright.


Only use this mask 1-2 times a week, your skin will gradually improve. During use pineapple and papaya mask to improve skin, you should note sunscreen and cover tightly skin before sun exposure.


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