How to use natural AHA for white skin?


Safe, simple and extremely effective, AHA in fruit is the smart choice for your own smooth skin and bright white.

How to use natural AHA for white skin?10 minutes each morning with juice

Alpha – hydroxy acid from  fruit capable of special skin care, saving, safe and especially easy to do.

They help loosen the “glue” between dead skin cells, causing aging cells decreased, stimulating new cell production, giving skin smooth, soft and wrinkle reduction.

You will be amazed at the positive changes of the skin surface with a single operation in the morning: light lap fresh lemon juice  contain AHA to the face, but be sure to avoid eyes. After a time not long, acid contained in this fruit will help your skin become soft difference.

You can find the AHA in the following fruits: Malic acid in apple, strawberry; Lactic acid in milk, yogurt, raspberries, tomatoes; tartaric acid in grapes and wine; Citric acid is of lemon, grapefruit, oranges.

Let’s apply a bit of fruit juice or a pat on yogurt or wine on your face with a few fingers, to the AHA penetrate the skin in about ten minutes or so, then rinse.

Note that your skin can sunburn easier to use fruit acid, so remember to use sunscreen and wear a hat when outside.

AHA cosmetics homemade 

Can be used from 4 days to a week, the cream will help you remove wrinkles, smooth skin because AHA natural resources and safety.

– Milk cream: Pour half a cup of milk (or goat’s milk may be sheep, but avoid using soy milk) and half cup of honey into a small pot. Heat mixture over medium heat for about 5 minutes to have two components are embedded together.

Allow to cool, for the closed box can be stored in the refrigerator and use a week. The amount of AHA in homemade ice cream will help exfoliate the skin, providing smooth white skin.

– Cream grapes: Prepare 5 green grapes, a teaspoon of lemon juice, a teaspoon of orange juice, a teaspoon of castor oil.

All the blender for 30 seconds, until the grapes have been found puree and other ingredients to create a smooth mixture.

This mixture will help your skin fight wrinkles, whiten and strengthen the moisture very well. Maybe the mixture into the sealed container, stored in the refrigerator and use within 4 days.

How to use natural AHA for white skin?AHA mask

Strawberry masks : Mash strawberries or tomatoes can be used mixed with milk or yoghurt apply on face for about 30 minutes and rinse. Each week this one mask, the amount of AHA in this fruit helps skin smooth and soft.

– Pineapple mask: Press pineapple juice and mix with a teaspoon of flour, to find consistency to the paste on your face.

You can also use pineapple juice mixed with honey on the skin. For at least 10 to 15 minutes then rinse with warm water. The fruit power to help exfoliate will help rejuvenate the skin.

– Lemon mask: This mask is for people who have little time or lazy beauty, because it is simple and fast.

You just squeeze half an orange or a lemon, mixed with two teaspoons of honey apply to face, it helps relieve stress, detoxify and remove wrinkles on the skin.


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