No need to be people professional practicing yoga or long-time, you can still own fitness, flexibility, particularly to make three round stretch with simple yoga moves.

Increase buttocks size with simple yoga exercises
Movement 1: preparation position lying prone, two hand-knit back to the chin (Figure 1). Breathe deeply with slowness and pull has two legs toward the buttock (Figure 2), then breathe out gently and slowly dropping. Perform 12 times and keep all your breathing.

Movement 2: preparation position lying prone, left hand knit before the chin, right hand back holding the neck leg (Figure 3). Then slowly breathe deeply and gently stretch the leg up off the amplitude, while expanding the shoulder (Figure 4) and combined with breathing out gently, then slowly dropping. Perform 12 times, keeping all your breathing. Switch sides.

Movements 3: from second movement gentle switch to the two hands behind back grab the ankles, gently inhaled deeply, expanding the shoulder (Figure 5). Slowly stretch up to 2 feet (Figure 6), combined with breathing out gently and slowly dropping slowly. Perform 8 to 12 times and keep all your breathing.

Movements 4: preparation position : anti-kneeling , slowly inhale deeply at the same time straightening left leg and the right arm straight out in front, so that the whole body in a straight line (Figure 7). Then gently lifting up the legs and arms up, keep posture in 3 breathing rate (Figure 8). Slowly exhale and slowly lower arms and legs on the initial position . Perform 8 to 12 times, keeping all breathing. Then switch sides.

Movements 5: to prepare the whole body posture is held on two feet, two hands touching the floor (Figure 9). Breathe deeply and gently stretch your left leg up straight up (Figure 10) and slowly breathe out, blend knee touches the chest (Figure 11) and then gently dropping. Perform 8 to 12 times, keeping all breathing. Then switch sides.

Hopefully this exercise will be useful to you!
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