Is Jicama Good For You?


Is Jicama Good For You? Some people may have not known very well about jicama nutrition facts. Jicama has a lot of nutrition and benefit for the health. This plant originating from tropical America is categorized in the tribe of legumes or Fabaceae. In place of origin, this plant is known as xicama or jicama. These plants form root tubers (cormus)that shaped round or rounded like a toy top with a weight that can achieved up to of 5 kg. The tuber skin in Jicam is pale , thin, yellow and has white  flesh  with fresh fluid yet slightly sweet. The Jicama tubers contain sugar and starch as well as phosphorus and calcium.

What Are Jicama Nutrition Facts?

jicama-nutrition-factsJicama is a fruit that is rich in nutrients which are essential to health, especially vitamins and minerals. The highest vitamins are contained in the jicama is vitamin C. While the minerals contained in jicama is phosphorus, iron, calcium and others. Jicama is also a fruit with a high water content.  In a study of 100 grams of yam containing nutrient content as follows: Vitamin B1, Vitamin C, Energy, Iron, Protein, Fat, Carbohydrates, Calcium and Phosphorus. Jicama also has a cooling effect because they contain 86-90% water content. The sweet taste comes from an oligosaccharide called inulin So is Jicama good for you? The answer is yes, it gives benefit like:

  • Jicama can reduce the production of stomach acid. Jicima has alkaline properties which serve as cooling or absorbing stomach acid quickly.
  • Jicama good be consumed by people with diabetes. The content of inulin contained in Jicama which makes this fruit is sweet. Inulin is not digested by enzymes in the human gut so as to keep the sugar levels in the body to remain normal even though it tastes sweet.
  • Jicama can treat mouth ulcer and as an antioxidant. The content of vitamin C in Jicama is very good as antioxidant and as a remedy for mouth ulcer. In addition Jicama also capable of lowering cholesterol levels in your blood.
  • Jicama can facilitate digestion. Inulin in the jicama has properties as dietary fiber, these properties affect bowel function and improvement in blood parameters. So jicama is very good for improving digestion.
  • Jicama can nourish the bones and teeth. The content of phosphorus and calcium in jicama is very good for the growth of bones and teeth.

Wash the jicama with cold running water. Peel the thick fibrous skin using a vegetable peeler or knife. Skins and other parts of the jicama tubers should be discarded because they contain toxic rotenone. And you will take this Jicama as your healthy fresh fruit or salad if you have known well health benefits of jicama.


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