Keep stature with cucumber


Cucumbers are vegetables kind of cucurbit, green skin, edible seeds referring to it, people think the feeling crispy crunchy, slightly lighter in the mouth when eaten with the dish the other.

Keep stature with cucumber

Every year people should consume at least 5 kilograms of cucumbers – a formidable compared with the other results. The recent discovery of food researchers have proved the benefits of cucumbers to the health of your body.

Cucumber brings freshness that we expect in the summer. Contain very few calories, only 10kcal/100g, cucumber worthy food ‘king’ for keeping stature.

Less calories, more water

With a 96% water, cucumber topped the list of fruits and vegetables contain more water through lettuce, tomato and your surpassing watermelon which is considered the leading beverage contains only 92 % water. Cucumber brings freshness that we expect in the summer.

Most synthetic vitamin

It does not have much flavor, even a bit bland, but actually deserve a cucumber champion with vegetables chat/100g mineral content around 6pm, while the other fruits and vegetables also contain the most mineral 3g chat/100g. Which is especially potassium (150mg/100g), can help kidneys function better and die stress limit. Also most of cucumber contains vitamins such as B1, B3, B5, B6, and E vitaminC even a negligible amount. This vitamin contributes to the reduction of sugar, and process involved in creating enzymes and the absorption of iron by the body.


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