Do You Know Everything You Need To Know About Laser Hair Removal?


Cosmetic surgery is experiencing a boom of sorts, with many popular surgery options more sought after than ever before. Amongst the favourites of liposuction and breast augmentation, laser hair removal is also at the top of many clients’ lists.

laser-hair-removalIf you’re considering laser hair removal it’s important to bear in mind that there are common sides effects, more often than not these after effects normally only last a couple of days, and tend to consist of itchiness, swelling of treated areas, and pink skin. However, as with any form of cosmetic enhancement, there are more ‘serious’ side effects that need to be noted to ensure you have the full picture before deciding it’s the best option for you. In addition to these potential unwanted ‘extras’, you should also be prepared that there will be a certain amount of pain involved during the treatment due to the nature of the service. However, numbing creams can be purchased before the laser hair removal, though it’s always best to discuss it with your consultant at the cosmetic surgery clinic before using anything.

Aside from the risks, there is the obvious and undeniable fact that this type of hair removal gets results, that being said, certain hair types as it were, might need more treatments than others. For example, darker hair tends to require less laser removals than light hair due to the fact that the laser doesn’t struggle to ‘find’ the hair it’s removing. Similar to the tone of your hair, the coarseness also makes a difference, if you have particularly coarse hair it sometimes prevents the laser from successfully stunting the growth of the hair at the root.

Of course, you do have the option to choose electroanalysis over more traditional laser hair removal, however, there is an increase in not only cost, but time consumption, and the dreaded pain factor. You can also visit cosmetic professionals like MYA and even read up on helpful patient’s stories on their website. Nonetheless, laser hair removal is a guaranteed way to tackle both light and dark hair whatever its density, so is still an option to consider if you’re serious about ridding yourself of unwanted, tedious hair. While the results with vary in each client, over 90% of (traditional laser hair removal) patients have continued hair loss after several sessions, which of course means you can throw away those razors and waxing kits, and still enjoy silky smooth skin.


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