Lingerie Shopping: The Best Styles Your Guy Will Love It!


A bit of lingerie shopping twice a month can do so much in improving our mood that it is worth all the money we spend. Pretty and sexy pieces of underwears tremendously help in enhancing our confidence and making us feel good about ourselves. It is all about loving yourself and recreating style with some sexy, trend piece of underwears. 

However, buying good pieces of lingerie that lasts longer and stays trendy is not a very easy thing to do. Here is a list of some sexy styles that you guys will love. Include them all in your wish list and get them next time you decide to shop lingerie. Here goes the list

Never Say Never High Rise Thong

This super sexy thong complements any body type and any body size. It not just enhances your look but also hides all the unwanted belly fat. This is the perfect undie if you want to wear a tightly fitted dress and you are not much comfortable with your healthy body. With its ultra stretch and soft lacy fabric and bold black color, this high rise thong by coasabella is definitely something that you will love to wear.

Lingerie Shopping: The Best Styles Your Guy Will Love It!Sweet Treats Dots G-String

G-Strings are so sexy that every girl must have a few pieces of them. Sweet Treats Dots G-String is available in very elegant emerald green color and you can buy it even for your wedding night. Get this sexy underwear to spice up the alone-time with your partner. You may also try this G-String in black or blush colors. Pair it up with a Sweet treats Dots Bralette to create a very feminine look.

Bisou Fishnet Bralette

This stunning piece of Cosabella fishnet bralette is a great addition for your lingerie collection. Flaunt this sexy bralette with a well-fitted dress in dark colors or a stylish top.

Bisou Illusion Elastic Bralette

Ilustic bralette comes with adjustable straps and is a very sexy piece of underwear that any girl would love to own. Its illusion design and unique look make it a must-have lingerie for all the fashion-forward girls.

Never Say Never Brazilian Minikini

With its 26 variety of colors to choose from, Never Say Never Brazilian Minikini is definitely one amongst the 5 sexy styles of lingerie that you guys will love. Choose Rossetto colored Brazilian minikini for your honeymoon, ardesia blue color for a teen look or regency purple for a flirty feel. Pair it up with a Never Say Never Padded Sweetie Bralette to complete the look.  

Comfort comes first while choosing the fabric

Lingerie is something that keeps sticking to the body and hence it is important that you always choose a fabric that is comfortable to wear. Never Say Never Plungie Longline Bralette is a good option that comes with soft wire-free cups.

Get the perfect size for yourself

Your Lingerie should fit you right. Do not buy a lingerie that is too tight because that can affect your health. And, loose-fitting can affect the way you dress up. Firstly Know your size and then buy a perfect inner-wear whether it is a bra or a panty.

Choose the right style

Girls often find it difficult to spend on buying luxury lingerie. However, it is extremely important that you give some attention to your lingerie and pick what suits you the best. Your breast size and shape are impacted by the lingerie you wear. Lingerie can rightly be called as a new outwear nowadays. So, your choice of lingerie should be perfect because that will make a huge difference in your personality.

Cross check with the quality of the material Used

When you buy lingerie items, make it a point to Cross check the quality of the elastics and other similar materials. soft bras and panties often come in beautiful designs and lacy finish. However, the materials used to style the lingerie may not be much durable.

Choose right special occasion lingerie

Think along the lines of sexy role-playing outfits like the Catholic school girl.  If you and your guy are considering doing some role-playing then make sure you keep it spicy with the right style of Inner wears. The visual with the role will blow his mind!

Go with the right Color Of Lingerie

Every Girl has her preference for color so make sure you keep that in mind when you are picking out your lingerie. However, there has been some debate about which colors are more appealing and which ones to stay away from.


Accessories play an important role to make or break an outfit especially shoes. Now that you are ready to shop with more ease and confidence for the perfect inner wear. So you should consider adding some accessories.

Change your lingerie with Season

Inner-wear is the first thing you put on in the morning; you need to love it. And in order to love it, you need to look Confident in it and know you look great in it.  Choose the right innerwear according to the season. You may spend hours in finding the stylish outfit, but how much time do you spend to find the perfect Lingerie and underwear you should be wearing with these looks.

The style is very subjective and girls love applying their own creativity in creating and recreating style. However, when you have a few basic things in the wardrobe to rely on, the task of creating style becomes a lot easier. Try out the above-mentioned sexy pieces of lingerie and feel stylish from inside. Bye fashion lovers!


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