Look Gorgeous With Best Beauty Makeup Tips


People have an affinity to look beautiful. If said particularly, this affinity can be noticed vastly among women. Believe it or not, a cold war retains among women in order to win the competition of looking good in the eyes of others. Here are some makeup tips that might reduce the competition as these tips are bound to make each and every woman a style quotient in the world of fashion.

Makeup Tip 1

It is always a good idea to use toner on your face at the initial stage. A good moisturizer can also do the magic as it can help the foundation to blend in a better way. This is the basic makeup tip. Most people mess up with this part and if the base is not strong enough, it cannot hold any kind of makeup.

Look Gorgeous With Best Beauty Makeup Tips

A Good Foundation – The Best for a Good Makeup

Makeup Tip 2

Fingers are best to apply foundation on your face. While applying the foundation, move your fingers in circular motion and after you have finished applying the foundation, you can use a sponge for the final touch.

Makeup Tip 3

Translucent loose powder is the best thing that you can apply in order to set the makeup. You can use a soft brush for this purpose but make sure that you dust the makeup in a downward motion.

Makeup Tip 4

Blusher is a popular makeup accessory but you need to take extra care while applying it. In this case too, the fingers are best to apply it around the bottom of your cheek bones. This should be done in a circular way. Never apply blusher over the line which might pass from the center of your eyes.

Look Gorgeous With Best Beauty Makeup Tips

Apply Blusher Carefully For the Best Result

Makeup Tip 5

If you want to look like a natural beauty, you can remove the extra blusher. This can be done if you fend the brush after loading it with the blusher.

Makeup Tip 6

Colorless eye shadow is the best thing that can be applied as a base. Outer side of the eye shapes is the best place to try darker colors. If you have used more color than what you require, you can apply colorless coating over the extra color.

Look Gorgeous With Best Beauty Makeup Tips

Apply Eye Shadow According To Your Complexion

Makeup Tip 7

Never get carried away with the color of your dress and match your makeup with it. This might mess the whole thing up. Always choose your makeup according to your complexion. Various mild colors are there that can add a rare yet natural beauty to your face.

Look Gorgeous With Best Beauty Makeup Tips

A Perfect Makeup Can Bring the Best Out Of You

Makeup Tip 8

Eyeliner should always be applied close to the base of your eyelashes. This will give your eyelashes a thicker look.

The above beauty makeup tips have proven to be the most effective ones for a long time. Hopefully, these makeup tips can do the magic for you too. Try these and be the beauty queen of the modern era.


Not everyone can look beautiful with various makeup accessories unless they know the proper way to apply them. These tips not only let you apply them perfectly, but also help you look more beautiful than ever.

Summary: Women love to look beautiful. Proper makeup is necessary along with a good dress in order to be elegant in the eyes of others. Applying good makeup in the proper way can bring the best out of you.

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