Lose weight for summer


For those looking to lose excess fat before summer, a healthy diet and exercise are essential. It can be quite normal to gain weight over the winter period, as the weather forces us indoors and traditional winter foods tend to be higher in fat and carbohydrates than summer dishes.


During spring it can be disheartening to find that clothes no longer fit, and realise that your summer holiday will involve striping down to a bikini in front of large groups of tourists or friends. There isn’t long to go now before the first warm days of summer, so what is the best plan for slimming?

1) Get out of the house!

There really isn’t an excuse anymore to sit on the sofa, and with evenings getting lighter, it is an ideal time to spring into action! Whether going for a bikeride or simply taking a walk, getting moving will help to bumpstart your digestive system, tone muscles and prepare your body for summer.

2) What not to eat.

Everyone has a weakness and most people know exactly what their ‘problem foods’ are. Pastry, sweets, biscuits, cheese and curry are common culprits, and recognising which foods are causing the excess fat is key to beating the bulge for good. Decide now that you are going to cut out these foods and snacks, and stick to a diet plan.

3) Eat like it’s summer.

It might sound obvious, but most people lose weight in summer, because pies and stews are out, and salads, fruit and ice lollies are in! Get into the spirit of things by switching to a diet high in fruit and veg, and low in carbs.

4) Plan your day.

Recognise which times of the day you may be hungry, for example if you know lunch and dinner will be early, plan a healthy snack in the evening. This way you won’t be raiding the biscuit tin or ordering takeaway late at night.

5) Take a packed lunch.

If you know that it’s likely you’ll be out all day, take a packed lunch. That way you won’t be tempted by easy food on the go like fish and chips or pasties. On a long walk it’s great to take a packed lunch and drink, and ideally plan a route that avoids food establishments.

Of course none of us are superhuman, and there will be times when friends are eating large meals or having calorific drinks. Don’t feel bad about the occasional slip up, but try to stick to a healthy diet and avoid making it a habit.




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