Luxury with tweed fabric


The underlying raw looks lumpy is feminine, elegant material type timeless classic – Tweed fabric. This type of fabric has been raised to a higher level with the price just for the old elite.

Woven from the wool colorful and slightly lumpy surface, tweed fabric is resistant to moisture and keep warm pretty good, suitable for year-end date of the transfer season.

tweed-1First person turn tweed fabric – fabric of ordinary working class uses – became high fashion materials for the elite as the legendary designer Coco Chanel.

Jacket and skirt with  tweed fabric, designed by Chanel, always dress noble symbol of longevity over time.

Tweed material made outfit more elegant, more noble.

Starting from the 1920s, with the talent and relentless innovation, Coco Chanel turned the capital very harsh materials or substances into the high-quality materials

Chanel’s designs on tweed material has definitely in shape, thick, allows women to comfortably operate and move, while creating luxurious appearance, noble to the wearer. Therefore these designs become heyday in the 1950s, marking the role of women in society.

tweed-3Over time, the material gradually improved tweed, subtle designs, more feminine, more bow accenting been installed, beads, stone studded, colorful tassels, metallic … extremely diverse.

From where mainly only used in designer jackets, tweed fabric currently used also for dress, skirt, sweater … the only capital outfit with soft materials. Not only that, tweed also encroaching into the included accessories such as shoes, handbags, hats, jewelry …

tweed-5The Hollywood star, celebrity stylist and fashionista like Emma Roberts, Zhou Xun, Blake Lively, Olivia Palermo, … also compete to become “followers” of the material tweed.

Important Guidelines for beautiful tweed fabric outfit is simplicity. Tweed material itself is quite thick, making costumes becomes a bit “heavy”, so you need not greed more detailed accessories or tangled.

Emma Roberts
Emma Roberts

Jacket or shirt style tweed fabric should combine with skirts or pants have material “gentle” than, as kate canvas, khaki, denim … If you view tweed skirt, the shirt fabric or plain sweater a simple color will be a reasonable suggestion.

Kate Middleton Princess is also very popular this luxury fabrics.
Kate Middleton Princess is also very popular this luxury fabrics.

In addition, the accompanying items such as bags, belts and shoes also should be in moderation by only beautiful outfits when you abstain redundancies, selectively highlight important.

Tweed is a material easy to shrinkage so be gentle when the laundry. The best way is to use dry cleaning methods.



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