Make beauty skin with potatoes and rice flour

Beauty experts recommend: not to wash your face more than 2 times per day by the skin will secrete more oil as if it was too much friction. Ideally, you should take the time to use absorb oil paper  as excess oil on skin surface.

Make beauty skin with potatoes and rice flour

You should also limit the use cleanser to avoid dry skin, instead, you can use glutinous rice flour to clean skin in the summer. These materials have the immediate effect to skin: the ability to clean dirt, excess oil, providing vitamins nourish, regenerate skin gently and effectively.

Usage “cleanser” rice flour is also very simple: You can buy the glutinous rice powder is available at the supermarket, then took out a sufficient amount, along with water-soluble form viscous mixture, middle finger and thumb pressure applied onto your face and massage gently dimensional structure of the skin.

These tiny particles of powder “cleanser” is also particularly effective to reduce blackheads and acne bran many hiding in the nose and chin area. You should maintain routine cleaning ground glutinous rice flour daily to the skin is always bright.

Also wash effect, you can also use as a kind of glutinous rice flour perfect mask for your skin. Usage: Take out a lot of dough compared to those at face wash, air or fresh milk powder and water mixture to form special. Then put on face, wait 20-30 minutes then rinse with cool water. Mask glutinous rice flour soothe skin effect in each time you work in the sun too long. Essences from glutinous rice flour will help you find white skin pink and smooth as desired. You can see useful video Use rice water make the mask skin

Make beauty skin with potatoes

Skin care at home is becoming a trend beauty of so many girls because of the advantages: simplicity, comfort, performance and especially economic issues. You can also make massage to each other by manipulating “pits” from the online beauty immediately.

Among all the beautiful materials available in the kitchen, the potato seems to be most used by women believe it is capable of “humor” all skin types. If glutinous rice flour has whitening effect is remarkable potato has the potential to become smooth skin immediately.

A mask processing potatoes: boiled potatoes, cooled, peeled and crushed with a few teaspoons of fresh milk. Apply this mixture on face and wait about 30 minutes then rinse with cool water. After 30 minutes cover with potatoes, your skin will be significantly improved using the very first time.

Potatoes effect removes dead skin gently. So you will feel very smooth pleasant to “verify” your skin after performance. If you maintain the habit of potato mask 1 time / week least they did not worry the harsh summer sun or ungainly acne. Potatoes also have the effect of balance and increase vitality to the skin, so your skin will always be the most healthy state.

Simple and effective are the advantages that you can find beauty in the potatoes. Instead of looking to beautify the address are not reliable, the day spent a short period of time to self-made skin care products safe as this is probably not too difficult for you. Be interested in more skin in the summer to keep your beauty shine.


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