Formerly, when vintage wine is damaged, sediment  in barrel  is often women’s  in French court used to make up a pretty face. It is also rumored that the queen Cleopat has been pretty skin by diligent bath yogurt … Why?

Make safe whitening skin with AHA cream

All these “secret” was answered by the discovery by scientists in 1990. It is in perfect things away tatric contains acid, lactic acid. The origin of organic hydroxy acid at this position nomenclature alpha “alpha hydroxy acid” is abbreviated to AHA. They include many acids such as glycolic acid (in vinegar, sugar cane), lactic acid is in yoghurt, malic acid, citric, tartaric (in fresh fruit). Those in cream containing AHA ingredients (usually malic, citric, tartaric) called AHA cosmetic whitening.

How AHA works?

AHA cream is actually organic acid used for skinning. Cream with AHA concentrations of about 3%, the lowest pH> 3 (acid levelsnot too high), only peeling the dead cells in the horny layer. Even with this concentration of long-time peeling the AHA also leach into the color layer broke his hand, causing burns. Cream with AHA concentrations of high between 4-7%, the pH<2.8 (high acid environment), then stripped the thin layer of skin.

Physician specialty dermatology, cosmetic drugs used to treat high concentration of AHA skin seat of horns, skin whitening and other regions. Some doctors also use cosmetic dermatology trichloracetic acid, phenol, resorcin to take away the epidermal cells, reveal new skin . They are strong acid substance called keratin pepper (keratolytic) effect skin peeling strength, than the AHA creams with high concentrations, only peeling the skin to another. But doctors and customers who want to peel skin in deeper, faster sometimes acceptable risk for this type, although they knows to be unsafe. Trichloractic acid concentration level of 10-20% will have skin peeling glycolic acid is equivalent to 70% concentration.

How to use AHA whitening cream

If only mild skin peeling: Select Category AHA concentration is low (about 3%, pH>3). Each use shall not exceed 10 minutes. AHA concentration and this time use the horn only peeling layers (cell death) and safety. The effect is nothing more than mask with fruit.

If you need peeling skin deep in other regions: Select Category AHA concentration is high (about 4-7%, pH<2.8, when pH <2). Each use shall not exceed 10 minutes. AHA concentration and use this time can take away the epidermal cells (living cells) into thin layers, reveal new layers of cells.

If you need to treat chemical horns, warts: For treatment of seborrheic horn (keratin seborrheiic), horns of the radiation (actinic keratose), warts (caused by viruses Papova) you use a higher concentration of AHA or use the content acidic triclo racetic high concentrations. Must be approved doctors, technicians have professional expertise, not willingly use at home.

If you need to do mask: Masking with fruit (green pumpkin, pineapple, green papaya) or leaf (aloe leaf). Green Papaya contains papain, pineapple contains hydrolyzed protein bomelin clean skin. Lily tubers should not contain strong peeling skin, causing burns. Must be clean, retired fine, avoid infections, bruised skin.

Horny layer of skin should be a sufficient protection. If not using AHA cream, not mask, the layer of dead cells but also natural peel slowly and overlapping layers of horns will make dark skin. If the mask or AHA creams are too many layers of horns protection wears off, the skin will be raw. Both ways are not beneficial. Every week should be used only AHA cream or mask 1-2 times. If using cream with high concentration of AHA, the time between two times longer to shed. If any skin peeling in a row, not enough time skin layer cells generate skin layer should protect vulnerable and more susceptible to burns.

After skinning must abstain from sun (no sun, especially during peak hours from 9-10 am and 14-15 pm). If necessary, the masked sun or wide-brimmed hat, gloves, trousers (long sleeves, long legs) are not stripped to the skin exposed to ultraviolet rays, if necessary, use more sunscreen.

After skinning, you must use “water will pores, pat the skin around the face, or mask astrigen, simpler and less expensive than a face wash in cool water. Moderate degrees of cold water in the pores will be dry.

Indeed, in the advertisement too often about AHA with its real effects such as soft, anti-wrinkle, stretch the skin, clean pores, improve oily skin, acne, skin care … AHA cream or mask makes the skin bright, beautiful but actually only has the status of temporary and should not expect the ad, note correct use of new effective and safe. Because if not used properly, whitening cream will clog the sebum glands, increase rather than reduce acne acne. Diet without sun cream skin burns more beautiful than that.

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