Make up tips trends in summer from stars


Summer is all that bright, radiant. And do not miss the following colors to decorate yourself.

Sexy pink lipstick

Make up tips trends in summer from stars

Light pink lip color is always good to look soft, feminine but also very lively and fashionable, is the point when you make personal adornment.

To make nice with this color, simply select the type of lipstickin accordance with natural skin tones. Of course in some cases, it may be a personality opposite.

If you have water damage as Olivia Munn warm tones, try a pink cooler. If your skin is cold as Swen Stefani a warmer pink tones, red will work better than most.

Please spread a layer of pink color lipstick below, so it will help your lips bright throughout the day. With your makeup office style is also easy to apply lipstick so

Blue eyeshadow

Make up tips trends in summer from stars

No doubt this color is a beauty trend is very popular in the world of Hollywood. According to Mai Quynh makeup of Ginnifer Goodwin, the “key” color is used only once to create a canopy first time. Ginnifer’s eyes thanks to the beautiful turquoise blue color soft, but if you use another layer of another color, it will look too heavy.

You can also use this version with colors like cobalt blue or green navy Mindy Kaling like Amy Adams.

If you want to learn this style makeup, makeup Quynh Mai also advised that keep your makeup style is natural, gentle and not go through the eye fold.

Radiance blusher

Make up tips trends in summer from stars

Normally we like red blush spread into than outside. But this summer it needs a new differential.

“I love this color for all” – makeup expert instruction Nadine Amy’s Whitney Port said. “Please select a warm color with a bit of light .

To ensure real makeup for cheeks glowing like Kim Kardashian or Janelle Monae, Nadine suggested: “Smile to the top of the cheekbone and spread cheeks blush cream with your fingertips. Complete by covering a layer of blush. So your face is not only radiant but also keep more lasting throughout the day. ”

Coral lip color

Make up tips trends in summer from stars

Coral is a great color, full of bright and sexy. You can be confident of this beauty with colors for any season of the year.

“I love the coral color learn toward red” – Fiona Stiles, makeup, who was to beautify the face of Elizabeth Banks said. “The woman with light skin as Alexa Chung can be used pinkish color. People with darker skin as Solange Knowles look even better with the orange version. ”

Whatever color you choose, it’s best to paint correctly. “Before painting, I like to draw the lips lightly with the spread a little cream in the lips” – Stiles said. “In this way when I use lipstick brush, paint can make a mold shape each more perfect.”

Eye color amethyst

Make up tips trends in summer from stars

According to the makeup of Heidi Klum is Linda Hay, the correct eye color purple is a neutral tone, but more the color light than brown.

“Tones will be very consistent with blonde hair or brown” and it has been demonstrated with the faces of Eva Longoria and Christinea Millan.

“The trick here is to choose three or four colors purple and spread them on the eyelid from morning to night. If for the day, take only a few shades lighter and in the border region will look dark purple tones “- Linda said. And remember to keep your face makeup gently, especially the lips must be very gentle.


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