10 Must-Have Items in a Makeup Beginner’s Starter Kit


Despite the immense popularity of makeup, a lot of women do not get into it right away. There those who only get introduced to the process of applying color to their face during special occasions or when they join the corporate realm. This is usually the reason why they do not have a good idea of what they actually need to achieve a polished look every day.

If you are an absolute makeup newbie and you need to put together a makeup kit for everyday use, help is here. Listed below are the makeup products that your starter kit should possess. These products promise an easy makeup process that results in beautiful and versatile daily looks that you can easily take from day to night. Moreover, they are all reasonably priced.

1. Primer

A lot of women overlook the value of a primer but it can make a whole world of difference in the longevity and quality of the other products that you will be using on your face. A silicon-based primer creates a flawless and smooth canvas so all your other makeup products apply well.

It is worth noting, too, that certain formulations address skin issues. So, if you tend to get a little lazy with skincare, a primer may help your skin. Some of the best affordable primers are the Maybelline Baby Skin Instant Pore Eraser for a velvety and poreless finish, and Hard Candy Sheer Envy Primer, which evens out skin tone.

2. Foundation

This creates the look of smooth skin, plus, it is a protective layer for the face as a lot of foundations these days have SPF.

Foundation, especially a full coverage one like Rimmel’s London Lasting Finish 25hr Breathable Foundation, is the solution to problematic skin. It effectively conceals unevenness in the skin tone and spots or other blemishes.

Concealer is optional for this type of foundation, which is why it’s perfect for a makeup starter kit. You can just get a bit of this product with a Q-tip to conceal spots instead of a concealer. Just make sure that you get the perfect shade match for you.

3. Loose powder

This takes care of shine and also boosts the staying power of foundation. If you do not have a lot of skin issues to conceal, settle for a translucent one. It will not add any extra coverage and will just keep your makeup from “moving around.” However, if you can use a bit more concealing power or brightening, opt for colors that are either similar to your foundation or in fairer hues.

For a flawless finish similar to Kim Kardashian’s, Ben Nye Luxury Powder is a great and budget-friendly choice. The powder is so micronized and can create a poreless appearance for your skin without looking cakey. Another solid option is the Maybelline Fit Me Loose Powder, which feels as luxurious as high-end brands but is more affordable.

4. Brow pomade

No makeup look is complete without well-defined brows and for makeup beginners, the easiest product to use is definitely brow pomade. You simply have more control over it especially with an angled brow brush, and you cannot go wrong with a grey-brown color.

Additionally, if you are blessed with thick brows, pomade is a breeze to use in covering sparse parts. Just apply a bit and blend to end up with flattering, natural-looking brows.

One of the most highly recommended brow pomades on the market is Makeup Revolution Brow Pomade. It comes in different shades and it’s not too creamy so it is easier to work with. It offers additional hold to keep your brow hairs in place.

5. Bronzer

As a makeup beginner, it’s best not to mess with contour powder yet, so opt for a good bronzer that will not only give your face a healthy glow but also contour your face lightly.

A bronzer is lovely to have because it’s an “all-over” product. You can use it on your cheeks, forehead, and eyes. ‘Want to know the best way to apply bronzer? Always use a big and fluffy brush for that wash of glow. Even for your eyes, use your biggest and fluffiest eye makeup brush to bronze them up.

It is important to mention as well that for natural makeup looks, bronzer is the most important product to have. E.L.F.’s Studio Baked Bronzer is a wonderful choice — it’s affordable but you get a good-sized product. It also performs decently and comes with skin-enriching ingredients such as jojoba, rose and grape.

6. Blush

If you want that charming flush on your cheeks, you need a universally flattering blush for your makeup kit. You cannot fail with dusty pink and coral because these hues appear pretty on both dark and fair skin tones.

There is no shortage of wallet-friendly options when it comes to blush. But if you are more than willing to splurge since blush is something that you can use even on lazy makeup days, MAC Mineral Blush in Dainty is a worthy investment. You get your money’s worth with this one because it’s a big pan and a little goes a long way.

7. Eyeshadow palette

Eyeshadows are truly what create a look and there are countless ways to mix them up for your everyday makeup.

For beginners, a neutral palette is a sensible choice. But, if you want to be able to create a “vavavoom” look every now and then, the Emily Edit Wants Palette (a collaboration with Makeup Revolution) is a fantastic option. It has neutrals, light shimmers, (which you can use as highlighters for the face) and seasonal colors that you can easily build up for eye looks that pop. Best of all, it’s affordable and can fit in a medium-sized kit.

8. Liquid eyeliner

This is the best product to use to define the shape of your eyes. And, it can be all you need to use for dramatic eyes. A top performer for this is the Jordana Color Envy Liquid Liner in matte black. The applicator is beginner-friendly — you can create any type of “wing” with it and the formula outlasts high-end brands.

9. Mascara

Perky lashes are a must for a polished look. They make you look more awake and they also help define your natural eye shape. When it comes to mascaras, the key is to choose a formula that can really hold the curl of your lashes and will not run during the course of the day.

Maybelline’s waterproof mascaras are considered the best performers, especially considering their price.

10. Red lipstick

The right shade of red lipstick is a versatile lip product. It can go from casual to glam rather easily with the right application technique. Dab it on your lips for that soft and natural red. Apply it thick for a glamorous lip. You simply cannot go wrong with the perfect red lipstick.

If you want a red lipstick that can be applied in different ways to alter the intensity of the color, it’s best to avoid the matte formulas because they always apply “opaque.” Opt for glossy formulas that you can spread with your finger or a brush such as the classic Revlon Fire and Ice and the Glossier Generation G Lipstick in Zip.

Those are the 10 items that you should definitely have in your makeup starter kit. With all these, you can achieve any look you want but without breaking the bank. Now, all you need is a makeup brush set, a few face sponges, and an eyelash curler.


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