The acne and scars are not welcome at all. These malfunctions of the skin result in awful look and low confidence in the women. Women social activities have increased, that is why they don’t want clogged pores on their skin. These clogged pores are not only bad for outlook beauty but also these are unhealthy and dangerous.

First, there must be a proper cure and consultation with skin experts for its proper elimination from the skin. In the meanwhile, women have to move and appear in the social gatherings. For this, women need to have a proper makeup to boost up their confidence and beauty.

Makeup is becoming the increasing need for women. Abrupt changes in climate and ever increasing pollution can affect the skin very badly. To avoid acne and scars on the skin, women must do a proper makeup in keeping the record of certain health standards. Every bottle or sachet of cosmetics has an ingredients list on it. It would be better to perform your research before buying a certain cosmetic. Match the ingredients of your prepared list with the ingredients mentioned on the wrapper. These are 7 tips for acne prone skin and scars which will help you to cover them or get rid of them forever.

7 Makeup Tips for Acne Prone Skin and Scars
1. Makeup layer

The first thing to consider in this regard is makeup layer. This should not be much thick that people start noticing your un-natural skin and it should not be very light either that it does not even cover the scars and acne. Make a proper coverage of the skin. Keep it medium or to the level that your makeup layer covers the clogged pores completely. Another mistake which is commonly committed is that women do not match the pigmentation of the overall face. It should be observed closely that all of your face is showing same pigmentation pattern. There are not dark red spots on the clogged area or face area without acne have the same color.

2. Avoid gloss makeup

The gloss makeup contains colors which are made of hazardous elements. In a normal situation, the gloss makeup is proved perfect for glowing and colorful skin. If your skin has much acne and scars on it then it would be wise to avoid gloss makeup, as in the effort to make your skin glow, you might increase the acne on the skin. For radiant and glowing skin, use powder with proper ingredients.

3. Cotton sponges

7 Makeup Tips for Acne Prone Skin and ScarsCotton sponges can carry bacteria or other germs. It is recommended to not use them when you are facing acne and scars on the skin. Cotton sponges should not be either used when your skin is fair and you don’t have acne because cotton sponges will make your skin more vulnerable to acne and formation of clogged pores. You would have makeup brushes within your makeup kit. These makeup brushes are extremely beneficial for combating bacteria led germs. These brushes are designed to resist germs. Additionally, these makeup brushes will make a smooth scattering of the makeup for a fine face cover.

4. Cleansing and moisturizing the face skin

Before applying makeup powder, women should wash their skin with a good cleanser. There is a variety of cleansing material available in the market. For people having dry skin, dove face wash can be the perfect solution. Additionally, moisturize your skin with some prominent moisturizing lotion or cream. Don’t worry; powder will make your skin dry again. This procedure is beneficial for proper adhesion of the makeup powder. Moreover, cleansing and moisturizing will keep your skin healthy, bacteria-free and acne resistive. However, it is must that you are using some quality face wash and moisturizing lotion. The low-quality available face wash creams and soaps can make your skin more vulnerable to clogged pores and acne. Your own research and expertise are imperative in buying a top quality material for your perfect makeup.

5. Foundation cream

You should apply some skin protection cream first. After applying skin protection cream, apply foundation cream for reducing the shine on the skin but before applying a concealer. If you forgot to apply the foundation cream before concealer then your concealer will vanish when you will rub foundation cream on the concealer. You would need to re-apply the concealer. This whole process will make a very thick layer of the makeup. This will result in the un-natural makeup look. Most of the women know about the procedure of makeup and what steps it requires but if you are new to this then you must prepare a list of the necessary sequential steps. Perform your makeup session according to the prepared list to avoid the problems.

6. Concealer

Choosing a perfect concealer for hiding or flatten up the acne is very crucial. Instead of choosing a darker color concealer, you must select a concealer which has a light color tone than your natural color of the skin. The dark-colored concealers will make an inappropriate pattern of skin pigmentation. Additionally, dark-colored concealers will increase the chances of acne. The amount of concealer used also makes the effect. Spread the right amount of concealer on acne and it will work properly. More amounts can be dangerous and less amount of concealer may not cover the blemishes properly. Additionally, a large amount of concealer would result to perform your makeup again and you don’t want to do that.

7. Use of proper makeup powder

Buy a proper makeup powder as it is essential for perfect makeup to cover acne. It will help the foundation cream and concealer to last longer. It will also help the skin to flatten up the acne and scars on the skin. Spread a little powder on the cotton, and apply it on the skin. Only moderate amount of the powder should be applied. The powder will ensure that all the blemishes, acne and scars are properly covered. It will make the skin smooth and fair which looks much pleasant and beautiful than earlier.