Makeup tips for every day

Daily makeup can help women feel more confident but it is a bad habit for sensitive skin.

Here are tips for your regular makeup.
– Use only quality products, if used regularly
The selection of beauty products is an important step in caring for your skin and health. If used daily, the cosmetic powder is preferred because it controls the sun and less preservatives and irritants to the skin than liquid cosmetics. You should use water  cosmetics based because it does not make you grow acne.
– Cleansing products should only use it occasionally wear mucus protective skin .
– Never use expired cosmetics.
Typically, mascara only be used within 3 to 4 months, foundation and lipstick, while about 1 in cover powder and the pollen around the eye is used in at least two years.
– Regularly wash cottonand brush the rouge .
– Black mascara and eyeliner are also likely to cause allergies. Pen eyeliner and eyebrow pencil should be made of wax can be used daily and can clean just using water. Light colors not only makes our eyes look more natural but also cause less skin irritation than the dark.
– Should use sunscreen with SPF 15 (Sun Protection Factor) or higher with ingredients such as zinc oxide, titanium dioxide to prevent the harmful effects of ultraviolet radiation. Cosmetic less ingredients will become increasingly secure. So if daily use should only use cosmetic less than 10 ingredients.
– Remember, every day should not hit nails
True daily skin care of foot you just scrape the dead skin layer beneath the feet after bathing using a rough stone. Then apply petroleum jelly or olive oil and reduce the toenail cuticles. To keep these substances you can shocks all during the time to apply. If you feel hot, you can cut off shocks of the toes and ankles. With nails you also do the same and maintain them by wearing gloves at night.


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