Making fresh and smooth skin with saffron

In many types of herbs work well for skin, saffron is still herbs  the gold standard to keep skin smooth and youthful.

Making fresh and smooth skin with saffron
Saffron has many uses with beauty

Saffron works to treat acne, as light skin, preventing years that, caviar, freckles and against the harmful effects of sunlight.

You can use technology as a clean skin cosmetics.

Mix flour with rice flour or bean flour at the rate of technology balanced and kept in a sealed bottle. Each time for a little more yogurt, fresh milk or soy milk in a spoon and mix into flour mixture.

Apply this mixture all over skin and wait until nearly dry. Then wash your face with water. Thousands of Indian women use these methods to clean skin and skin are light and smooth.

Hope you have beautiful skin with this tip.



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