Menopause – that women’s concerns


Women are considered to be women by the Creator gave them the charm to make half the world to enthusiasts. However, the beauty and power of women as spring flowers will fade quickly in line capacity with age. Landmarks marked degradation of the masterpiece that is endowed menopause.

Menopause - that women's concerns

Why is the phenomenon of menopause?

From 45-55 years of age, in most women, the ovaries stop ovulation permanent end of menstruation, the female sex hormone estrogen decline seriously called menopause. Perimenopause is the period from 2-5 years ago (probably over 30) when the menopause. Up to 85% of women with premenopausal syndrome with different levels indicated by the symptoms: menstrual disorders, vaginal dryness, there are episodes of “hot flashes”, mood changes, decreased libido , osteoporosis, wrinkled skin, …

Estrogen (Es)- what is the role of women?

Estrogen is considered key to miracles to help shape the female body soft, soft pink skin, helping to develop female sex characteristics such as breasts, female genitalia, and the characteristics … physiology. Estrogen also has cardiovascular protective effects and prevent osteoporosis. The decline in hormones during menopause Estrogen great influence to the sexual behavior of women, such as decreased sensation, decreased libido. Not only psychological and physical impact, menopause, but also very likely to develop diseases such as diabetes, heart disease, arthritis, diseases of the breast and uterus, psychological disorders, increased anxiety and stress … accompanied by degradation of the skin, skin manifestations and fades away gradually darkening of smooth, gradual appearance of “bird feet”, the elasticity of the skin … Besides decreasing the shape changes also impacts on the confidence and happiness of their families.

Whats natural therapy extend adolescence ?

Menopause - that women's concerns

Estrogen supplements the body is the key strokes to keep the spring. Based on this principle have been many studies to produce products in accordance with pre-menopausal women. Studies have shown that isoflavones extracted from soy germ is capable of “mimicking” hormone estrogen in the body, so it is also known as phytoestrogens (plant estrogens that is). The soy isoflavone supplements do not cause excess body Es as Es additional therapy synthesis, thus able to prevent the potential risk due to excess Es as breast cancer, cancer death supply, … It can be said isoflavone has contributed to additional safe therapy for menopause women.

Menopause is the stage where most women have to undergo, understand and solve the right to repel menopause will return confidence and spring design for women, and bring them happiness pull long-life couple


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