Mistakes when you wash in the winter


Winter surely many of us afraid to wash. So many people have accidentally acquired regrettable mistakes when conducting stage this special hair care.

Mistakes when you wash in the winterAnd to help you learn how to properly wash your hair is always shiny, healthy even in winter, please go through the mistakes when you wash your hair with avoid!

Wash with hot water

Cold weather makes most people preferred to hot water when you wash the shampoo becomes warmer. But  hot water can cause loss of oil in the scalp, dry scalp and injury.

Thus, to the sleek hair, you should only wash it with lukewarm water. In particular, let’s finish the shampoo by using cold water to clean hair. Cold water will make the scalp hunters, and make your hair soft and smoother.

Scratching your scalp when washing up

Winter scalp becomes dry fast, dirty, itchy and many more buckets. So an operation familiar to wash this time many people will scratch the scalp hair is stronger cleaner.

You know the scalp can not replicate itself within 28 days by making new cells to destroy the cells die. If you scratch your scalp too hard can that prevents this new regeneration, leaving skin first reconstructed slower than normal. Furthermore, scalp scratching action is too strong can irritate the scalp cause hair damage and hair loss.

Just gently massage the skin and scratching lightly oil shampoo. This will cause hair massage, absorption of nutrients and prevents dandruff appears effective.

Forget gently massage your scalp with conditioner

After shampooing, you normally use a conditioner for hair care. But you forget that this step needs to gently massage the conditioner. Only 1 minute massage but it will help remove the small plaque left on the hair and cleansing shampoo, conditioner leftover hair.

Using too many hair care products

Apply too much hair care products at the same time can make hair greasy and damage. Because do not have enough knowledge to know the ingredients in hair care products can  “fight”. So, if possible, ask the experts advise you a shampoo with conditioner accordingly. After washing is complete, you can use more moisturizing cream, hair cream protection. Besides, you should not shampoo daily because shampoos can lose the natural protective layer of oil generated by the hair.

Drying at high temperatures regularly

To avoid scalp cold, many people have the habit of using dryer  with high temperature to dry hair. High-temperature dryer makes an impact on hair easily damaged hair and hair damage, scalp also more vulnerable.

Therefore, you should cool down for the dryer to the lowest level and not to close on dry hair to natural hair.

Comb your hair is too strong

Hair should be dry can tangle in some certain point. So when the hair in the winter you do not brush in the hands slightly. Hair breakage and scalp were injured.

Only the best hair gently with toothed comb with ivory or horn material. Do not use color comb with plastic.

Rub your hair with a towel

The best way to dry hair after shampooing is used absorbent towels from ends to roots and dried naturally. Rub a towel to dry your hair can cause hair to weak.


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