Modeling Photoshoot? 4 Perfect Ways To Look Perfect

Imagine for a moment that you finally get a big break in your modeling career. Perhaps, you have an appointment with Cecy Young for some modeling shots. You’re informed that you’ll be dressed in a variety of different pastel gossamer garments against a variety of urban backgrounds. It all sounds perfect, and you have a few weeks before the photo shoot.

Further, let’s suppose, this gig could make a huge difference to your career because the pictures will be posted on some top rated fashion websites and in some fashion magazines, too.

How do you prepare?

Essentially, you should revamp your diet, exercise, and sleep patterns before the big day. You’ll also benefit from using some Dermaclara skin care products.

Let’s take a quick look at exactly what you should do before the photo shoot:

1. Diet

Lose weight for summerHere are some dietary tips that will help your skin glow, your eyes sparkle, and your muscles look toned:

  • 1. Avoid stomach bloat. You can avoid looking bloated and instead look lean and toned by using natural diuretics like fresh lemon or lime. If you don’t like these citrus fruits, you can also try ginger or mint. These foods, rich in micronutrients – vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants – that will ensure skin health.
  • 2. Avoid foods that might cause breakouts. Avoid salty and fried foods. These can cause oily skin, which might result in breakouts.
  • 3. Avoid foods that might stain your teeth. The usual suspects are raisins, grapes, tea, and coffee.
  • 4. Increase your water intake. The best way to detox your system to make your skin and your eyes look shiny and bright is to drink plenty of water; perhaps even more than you usually do.
  • 5. Eat low-fiber foods. Although you probably enjoy high-fiber fruits and vegetables, they tend to make you look a little bloated so about two or three days before the photo shoot, substitute these food choices with bananas, yams, potatoes, or oats, because these are all low-fiber foods.

2. Exercise

Prefer stretching exercises to any high intensity aerobic or weight lifting exercises. Yoga is perfect; as it will help you limber up, look relaxed, and stay-toned. The reason to avoid high-intensity workouts is two-fold: one, you avoid the risk of injury; two, you risk muscular inflammation and stiff joints. You want to look relaxed, happy, and carefree in the photos, not stiff and awkward.

3. Sleep

Here’s some advice from photographer Quentin Décaillet in Fstopper on the value of getting a good night’s rest before a photo shoot:

“Skin can take a while to clean in post production. Clean, even and healthy skin can really make a difference on the time spent in Photoshop. There are a lot of things models can do to have a better skin. It starts with sleeping at least eight hours a night. Not sleeping enough can lead to unealthy and bad looking skin (fine lines, wrinkles, lackluster skin, etc.)”

4. Skincare

In one of several Dermaclara reviews, Lydia Bee explains why she believes in this product line,” It’s easy and simple to use. Dermaclara features a carefully curated five-product system: Clara prep hydrating cream cleanser, Clara line peptide intensifying serum, Clara some radiance restoring moisturizer, Clara slips collagen-infused lip serum and Clara fuse dermal pads. I used all five Dermaclara products with great success, resulting in a lessening in the appearance of wrinkles, hyperpigmentation, and laxity on my face and chest.”

When using skincare products, you’ll get the best results by using a skincare routine in the following order:

  • 1. Cleanse for your skin type twice a day, and never sleep with your makeup because you’re too tired to do anything but go to bed. When choosing a cleanse, you will get the best results if you know whether your skin is dry, oily, or a combination.
  • 2. Treat and moisturize with a serum and moisturizer, and do this daily. Look for products with ingredients like Vitamin C, retinol, and Hyaluronic Acid to nourish and protect your skin.
  • 3. Regardless of your skin type, you will may have problem skin like fine line, wrinkles, hyperpigmentation, brown spots, clogged pores, and, yes, acne. Exfoliation removes dead, dry surface skin cells and ensures healthy skin. How often you exfoliate depends on what your dermatologist recommends.

After your dream gig, you can go back to your usual diet, exercise, and sleep patterns, but these suggestions will help you look your best on the day of the photo shoot.


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