Nail trends to sport this spring


This spring, pale and dark nail colours seem to be in vogue. At the New York fashion week, nude and dark colours were mostly sported. Some of them displayed nail art that had edges of the nails in bizarre designs. Metallic colours remained to be a hot trend this season with a lot of people sporting metallic nail colours or metallic nail art. Here’s the list of the nail colours and designs that are trending this spring.

Nude colours

nude colors
With nude and pale colours being the most sought after nail colours this spring, the minimalistic look for the nails is definitely back in fashion. Milky white is another colour that a lot of people were seen to be wearing this at the fashion week this spring.

Darker shades

darker shades

It also seems like dark shades are in demand this spring. Black seems to be one nail colour that can never go out of fashion. A lot of people were seen displaying nail colours that ranged from dark shades of grey to black. Navy blue and dark purple are two more colours that were sported by a lot of people either alone or along with other colours that were contrasting to these colours.
Metallic colours

A lot of people donned the metallic colours of gold, silver and platinum which somehow manage to stay in trend any time of the year. Silver was the winner amongst these as a lot of people were seen wearing the colour on stage and back stage. Most of them had metallic colours on the edges of their nails or sported gold or silver dots or lines over their dark or pale nail colours. Some of them even had gold or silver designs on two or three of their nails which added the necessary sparkle to the nude and the dark colours that they were wearing.

Two shades

tow shadesIf you are bored of using just one colour on your nails, and yet don’t want them to be showy, you could use two shades that are contrasting. Paint a half moon, v shape or a vertical strip over the nail which is painted with the other colour that you want to use. Dots of a contrasting colour on another are another way of using two colours that always stays in fashion. The double shaded designs are another trend that a lot of people sported this spring. At the New York fashion shows people used metallic shades for the double shaded designs by painting stripes of metallic nail polish on nude or dark colours.

Nail art at the edges

Nail art with the edges painted with bizarre designs seem to be another trend that is being followed this spring. Edges of the nails are painted with designs like the feathers of a bird, blood dripping and shark bites. Flowers which seem to be an integral part of the nail art were also painted at the edges of the nails. The nail art design which had blood dripping from the edge was one design that was eye catching and caught on quickly with many other people sporting a similar gothic look.


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