Your body has a great way to let you know what is good or not good with it. Deficiency vitamin in the body also displayed in different ways, including on your nails. Determine what your body is missing by looking at your nails to ensure your nails stay healthy!

The fact that our body needs vitamin needed to operate and grow. All of our body have different vitamin needs and to ensure the healthy development of all the parts we need to provide a full range of vitamins and nutrients to the body works well, especially your nails. The fingers and nails are always in the center of attention when we use the hand in all work, so keeping them healthy and in good condition as it should and need to do. Look for signs of disease and how to overcome her illness through the following expression of the nail slightly.

Nails bring the message of your health
Nails are thin and white dots

If your nails thin, easily scratched, broken, and small white spots, your body may be deficient in zinc. Zinc deficiency can also lead to hair loss and other health problems, should try to consume foods with high zinc content. You can find zinc naturally in the following products: vegetables, beans, mushrooms, nuts, whole grain staff, yeast, shellfish, peanuts, liver …

Nail with gullies, small wrinkle

Nail slot, small lizards is certainly not pleasant when you apply any design nail art on them, because doing so only to emphasize the appearance of the stripes, small grooves on your nails than . It seems that your body is the lack of an iron, so you need to ensure you will raise the necessary amount of iron contained in your diet. The following foods can help the stripes, grooves on your nails slowly disappeared: liver, fish oil, carrots, sweet potatoes, chili powder, red pepper …

Nails bring the message of your healthBrittle nails, brittle

Brittle nails, brittle is definitely a sign of vitamin deficiency, especially vitamin B, thus increasing the amount of B vitamins needed for your body. Fragile nails are brittle, flaking, you should try to turn the nail to prevent it by making sure you eat plenty of foods that contain vitamin B such as fish, meat, wheat, milk, fruit, nuts chestnuts, butter, all kinds of wheat or soy, egg yolk, poultry…

The skin around peeling nails

Sometimes, the skin around the nails dry and start peeling, you may think this is rather normal skin cycle. However, this is a sign that your skin lacks moisture and may be folic acid deficiency, so make sure you will add the following foods into your diet: rice , green vegetables, oranges, guavas, grains, lentils, nuts, etc.

Deformed nail

Nail deformation phenomenon is certainly unsightly thing you can have, so you should try our best to maintain them straight and healthy. If you do not have any accidents, or your nail fungus, then most likely you are short of vitamin C. Vitamin C helps strengthen the overall health of your nails, so make sure you will add vitamin C to your body and nails from the following foods: oranges, guava, sweet pepper color blue and red, kiwi, beansprouts, water melon, etc.

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