How to make yourself beautiful


Please set the following routines to care for the body and make more beautiful each days. Nothing too difficult at all you just need to take some time to implement
Thoroughly bleached

One of the ways to help you wake up with beautiful skin is cosmetic makeup the night before that ! So , let’s clean mascara, lipstick, eye shadow to the pores on your face are clear. .

Use two pillows while sleeping

Page added a pillow while sleeping will help us face little swelling . Then , better blood circulation and water will not be deposited or puffiness under the eyes of our extra large .

Removing blobs on the skin with mask

How to make yourself beautiful

Using masks will be used to clean the skin will eliminate acne marks and redness . You can mask overnight and rinse in the morning .

Using a nebulizer

Moisturizer ( contains ceramides and cholesterol ) in conjunction with a nebulizer would be a great resources for your skin. Skin will be continuous in night moisturizers , skin irritation or less than allergies and wrinkles will be reduced .

When skin is moisturize at night , you just need to use a thin layer of moisturizer in the morning.

Moisturize your hands

Hand skin is often dry and hurt in the morning when we work, so please take advantage of the evening to take care of yourselves hands . You should use skin moisturizer hand to hand deep impact is more moisturizing .

Use exfoliating mask

Skin will work to re- create the most effective when we sleep , so please help the skin using exfoliating mask and left overnight . This will help to mask components in time absorbed into the skin , heal injured cells caused by the external environment .

Use cream for the skin around the eyes

Let’s start using the cream for the skin around the eyes whether you’re just at the threshold of 18-20 years old . It will help improve your face and your skin significantly after this there.

Forceps or neat hairdo

Prone to oily hair and dirt , while touching your face will make us dirty skin , clog pores causing acne . So let’s columns hair loose hair while sleeping to avoid touching your face okay !

Sleep enough time to sleep 8 hours per day

A sufficient sleep can improve your skin dramatically . Get enough sleep will reduce dark circles under the eyes , lack of sleep will affect blood circulation of the body , blood clotting in the eye . Also, lack of sleep also makes your skin make you look pale and tired


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