Nutrition secrets to waist as you desire

You dream possesses a small waist so confident the favorite outfit? It is within the reach of you!  The most interesting is that dream will come true with the help of foods familiar. You do not believe it? Let’s find out together .
Nutrition secrets to waist as you desire
Milk, yoghurt and cheese: The amount of protein in them to support the creation of lean. When using dairy foods low in fat, calories will not be retained in the gut. This product also helps you feel full and lose weight.
Each day you should take 3 servings of low fat milk, one serving is equivalent 240ml yoghurt or 28g cheese. Mixed fruits and legumes can increase the amount of sugar and energy for the body. Should use the pure product and add your favorite fruit.
Whole grains: Provide high-fiber, whole grains contain magnesium and chromium. The two substances help the body fight cortisol, a stress hormone, which store fat in the abdominal region.
Those who eat from 3-7 bowl of rice cooked by whole grains per day, said fat waist size has dropped twice as many meals cooked with rice normally. It would be better if you use natural foods, unprocessed or supplements.
Beans: This product contains mineral starch. Potatoes, bananas and corn also contain this substance. Agent resistant starch is not converted into sugar as most other carbohydrate that acts as a fiber.
You should use soy foods per day. With canned beans, buy a low salt content and wash thoroughly before use.
Lean meat: chicken cutlets, chicken chest, eggs and pork tenderloin is the ideal food to have tapered waist. What’s the reason? The body needs more time to digest and we eat just to feel full longer. Protein in these foods do not contribute to fat if we eat just enough, that 180g/day for rations from 1,800 to 2,000 calories.
Potassium : salts cause increased belly. However, the you don’t put salt from their diets. Every day you just need to limit salt intake at 2.300mg.
Should add salt through the potassium-rich foods like butter, orange juice, baked potatoes. Sodium push water out of the cell but potassium helps bring water into the cells.
Strawberry, cherry and grape: addition of iron is abundant, the fruit contains a substance capable of dissolving fat belly. Professor Seymour Mich., University of Michigan, the fatty tissue of other parts of the body. The fruit is rich in antioxidants, good for your heart.
Green tea: The study showed a direct link between drinking green tea fat and waist size.
In green tea contains catechins, a chemical that helps increase energy consumption, increase the release of fat from cells, especially in the waist.
They also cause the liver to burn fat faster, especially after every meal.
You’re worried about the caffeine in green tea? Remember that the amount of caffeine in a cup of tea with one another in a cup of coffee. You can also use filters all teas have caffeine, but effective weight loss will decrease.


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