OOTD: Easy Steps on How to Find Your Signature Style Flawlessly


A personal signature style is one of the most tricky and puzzling beast at best. We cannot deny that fashion is always evolving, we’re sure that you will still appreciate a handful tips on some different styles. But which style of fashion reflects you? This article will help you find your desired “OOTD.” So what are you waiting for, your style is already waiting for you.

These are the following tips that will help you find your signature style in fashion.

The First Step is to Know Your Body Figure

Knowledge is another term for power according to some philosophers. So the first step that you need to understand is the kind of body shape you have and the kind of outfit that suites for you. It will help you to decide on what kind of clothes you need to buy, and once you have discovered that, you can start thinking about the desired outfit and style that you want to create.

Always understand your personality first

Find some words that will describe your personality. How would you characterize yourself? Do you think that your style and outfit reflects your personality? Always find some various styles that are comfortable to you.

OOTD: Easy Steps on How to Find Your Signature Style FlawlesslyWhich colors inspire you?

Choosing the ideal colors would give you a tremendous impact on your style. Always understand how these hues make you feel comfortable. If you don’t use much color in your current style, you may start to experiment a bit by having specific colors on your accessories and see how these make you feel.

Pin the styles that inspire you or try to imitate it

Every time you see others wearing some clothes that you like or admire, try to imagine and picture out yourself wearing those outfit and try to emulate that style by pasting it in a piece of paper or scrapbook.

Pin the styles that inspire you or try to imitate itBy following these tips, you will see some improvements that will help you discover your kind of styles. Always remind yourself of your taste and style before going to the latest trend.

Be critical in choosing your current wardrobe

Be honest with yourself on what garments you like before going outside your house. You might have a lot of clothes that you can choose, but you just need to be wise in selecting the right clothes. They may be attractive, but if they don’t suit you, it’s useless because it is not proper for you.

You can find some help to others like online stores that can help you identify your body type. There are lots of online fashion destinations that you can visit.

Make sure that every item you buy fits you

If you see an unusual design of clothing at a low price, make sure that it will fit your body and personality. Sometimes, the reason why you buy it is that of the price. It is one of the biggest mistakes that you can commit since we tend to buy those clothes because of its low price.

Make sure that every item you buy fits youPrice will just deceive you. So please always remember that in buying new clothes, always consider if it perfectly fit on you. Do not be blinded by the price.

Keep a selection of your outfits by taking some notes or pictures

Try to understand which specific clothing you need choose because it will make you feel great and comfortable. If you are comfortable with your outfit of the day, write it down or take a picture of it for you to have an inspiration. Taking pictures of yourself would be a great help to recognize which outfit is right and doesn’t fit you.

Identify the components of your style

Genuine style always defies the trends of fashion. It’s always nice to add some new pieces of clothes every season. If you already have a clear sense of what suits you and what you like, do not forget the essentials for your style.

Make your style unique

Having covered the basics of your style, try to mix your low and high-end brands to create a unique fashion trend. Accessories are easier and very handy to deal. You can also try to invest a nice pair of shoes and a perfect bag for your “OOTD.”


When you discover something that suits you splendidly, you can always buy another pair because a great style for fashion helps you to enhance your life and shouldn’t rule you. Fashion, technology, and science help us to create some patterns that evolve. There is only one thing that is certain when it comes to fashion. You are the future of fashion.



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